Thursday, July 5, 2007

On the move

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Monday, July 2, 2007

Domestic Goddess 101

My first duty as newly titled Domestic Goddess, (thank you 180/360 AND Sizzle for clarifying my job status dilemma) will take place tomorrow.

In less than 24 hours, my carpets will be cleaned. by a professional.

I have hit the mother load. When it comes to running the show/household, you come to a decision that all things cannot be completed by you. Therefore, you do your research, use what coupons/gift certificates you have, and be creative. The outcome? A MAJOR cleaning of your entire house BY SOMEONE ELSE. What's even cooler? I don't have to move a piece of furniture. (of course, I will. This place is a pit full of toys.) I don't even have to be here when they get here. Hubs will be here to oversee, but since I have Rt with me, we would just get in the way, Too bad, so sad.

Actually, we aren't having every single room cleaned. You know up here in the burbs, every room except the kitchens and bathrooms have carpet. I am glad we have so much carpet. I am passed the "hardwood floors are so cool" stage. Poor Rt, until he was 5 months old, he lived on hardwood floor padded by a wool rug. Ouch!

If we did every room in this house, we would have to take out a home loan. So, we used a gift certificate we had and went a little higher to cover the two main rooms, (den and living room/dining room), and Rt's bedroom.

When we moved into our house almost 2 years ago, the previous owners, who happen to be our friends down the street, didn't have the carpets professional cleaned before we moved in. We were first time buyers and didn't know you could actually request for this to be done or written into the contract. So, there are some spots here and there that we can't wait to get rid of. Rt's room gives off some odd smell after some time spent on his floor. Whatever is in the carpet, has got to go!!! I have a feeling it's really old milk. NASTYYYYYYYYY! (not from us, I swear!)

Bottom line, I am thrilled that my first decision made while holding the title of Domestic Goddess was to delegate and have someone else do the dirty work. I could get used to this.....