Thursday, July 5, 2007

On the move

I've made WordPress my new home!

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Monday, July 2, 2007

Domestic Goddess 101

My first duty as newly titled Domestic Goddess, (thank you 180/360 AND Sizzle for clarifying my job status dilemma) will take place tomorrow.

In less than 24 hours, my carpets will be cleaned. by a professional.

I have hit the mother load. When it comes to running the show/household, you come to a decision that all things cannot be completed by you. Therefore, you do your research, use what coupons/gift certificates you have, and be creative. The outcome? A MAJOR cleaning of your entire house BY SOMEONE ELSE. What's even cooler? I don't have to move a piece of furniture. (of course, I will. This place is a pit full of toys.) I don't even have to be here when they get here. Hubs will be here to oversee, but since I have Rt with me, we would just get in the way, Too bad, so sad.

Actually, we aren't having every single room cleaned. You know up here in the burbs, every room except the kitchens and bathrooms have carpet. I am glad we have so much carpet. I am passed the "hardwood floors are so cool" stage. Poor Rt, until he was 5 months old, he lived on hardwood floor padded by a wool rug. Ouch!

If we did every room in this house, we would have to take out a home loan. So, we used a gift certificate we had and went a little higher to cover the two main rooms, (den and living room/dining room), and Rt's bedroom.

When we moved into our house almost 2 years ago, the previous owners, who happen to be our friends down the street, didn't have the carpets professional cleaned before we moved in. We were first time buyers and didn't know you could actually request for this to be done or written into the contract. So, there are some spots here and there that we can't wait to get rid of. Rt's room gives off some odd smell after some time spent on his floor. Whatever is in the carpet, has got to go!!! I have a feeling it's really old milk. NASTYYYYYYYYY! (not from us, I swear!)

Bottom line, I am thrilled that my first decision made while holding the title of Domestic Goddess was to delegate and have someone else do the dirty work. I could get used to this.....


Friday, June 29, 2007

Define "housewife"

Taking a thought off of LVGurl on this one.

Hubs and I were having a conversation the other day, about who knows what, and he referred to my job as a "housewife". (He wasn't trying to be demeaning, just calling it like he sees it.) I immediately had a problem with this verbiage and called him on it. He was quite dismayed at my reaction. What was the big deal? You are a housewife. Yes, yes, I get that, but the picture that comes to my mind when I think of a housewife, is some chippy from the 50's with her dress, heels and apron on holding a tray of cookies and a cocktail for the man of the house as he enters the front door. Just doesn't ring true in my home.

That, I believe, is the issue with that term. I am not a housewife, but I do run the house and everything that comes with it. I manage all the finances. I am primary caretaker of our child. I am in charge and perform most household duties. I shop or oversee all purchases for the home. I do all of this while my husband works full time and makes it possible for me to stay home with our son. So, technically, I AM a housewife. BUT why the hang up on the title?

Does the "Stay at Home Mom" title even cover it? Is there another term that would nip all of this in the bud, and give our job a millennium face lift? Do tell...


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Project Nin com POOP

So, today's nap experience has been a joyful one. Little one fell asleep at 1:45pm, 45 minutes after being put down. Only "issue" is, he fell asleep with a big ol poop. Poor kid. He was too tired to care that he had a load in his pants. I can only imagine the odor that has percolated in his room. Yowza!

Today has been one of those glorious days you knew had potential, but wasn't going to bet anything on it due to the recent nap fiascos. I spent the morning at the doctor's office getting Rt's tubes checked. They are still looking fab and doing their job, so we are quite thrilled! After our quick doc visit, Rt and I headed to my book study. This summer, we are reading a book called Positive Discipline. It looks to be a great book and the class is a perfect summer treat. A chance to have adult conversation, learn something that is relative, and have a little break from Rt while he plays amongst his friends in the nursery. Saweeet!

Book study was followed by lunch, where I had P.F. Changs leftovers (way cool) and have been online and watching DVR'd programming ever since.

This evening will consist of a girls night out at the local Mexican cantina. I will be leaving in just over an hour, so I'm off to get something important done, (so it looks like I have slaved the day away. sigh. poor me.) and put on some chick clothes.

una mas cerveza por favor!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Project NoNap

If any of you have been keeping tabs of my Twitter posts, you'll know that I have been having a minuscule issue with Rt and his "napping".

Yesterday was plain misery. He chose to play/whine/cry in his crib for over 2 1/2 hours. By the time it was 3:30pm, I decided to go with the "you snooze, you lose" tactic and got him out of the crib. If you don't nap within this time frame, then you don't get to nap at all. (Of course, there have been several times I let him fall asleep as late as 3:30pm, but I was tired of him staying up so late because of it.) I continued to be frustrated with him the rest of the afternoon, but had a hard time staying that way with him being quite cute and cheery for having no sleep. After a quick trip to Target and Chipotle, we settled down to an early dinner at 5:30pm.

Moving as quickly as I could, I had him bathed, dressed and in bed by 6:30pm. He began crying within 5 minutes. Motrin in hand, I went in and gave him a dose of "not sure what your problem is, but this should cure it" and went on my way. He was asleep by 7pm.

Rt slept 11 hours straight last night followed by 50 minutes of aquarium listening before calling for me at his usual morning time of 6:50am. YEEE HAW!

I thought my prayers were answered, my ducks in a row, the sun and the moon aligned, until Rt went down for his nap again today. I peaked in at 1:30pm, 30 minutes after putting him down, to see him rolling around with NO music on. I felt he was on his way to slumberville. I checked back in awhile later to notice a particular odor coming from his room. %##&*%$#! So, off I went to grab a diaper to nip it in the bud ASAP!

After a quickie diaper change, and another round of the whining game, "mommy, I need you, I really need you, NOT!, I told him I wasn't coming back into the room until AFTER he went nite nite. 15 minutes later, he was ASLEEP. At 2:45pm. Greeeeaaat. I am waking him up in 8 minutes, so he can actually have a "normal" bedtime tonight.

Dear "Phase",

Get your ASS and everything associated with it, and leave town. We are done with you here.


Monday, June 25, 2007

a mind is a terrible thing to lose

My memory is at a loss. I know, it's all because I had a baby. I get that. BUT TWO YEARS AGO mind you!! I seem to be quite "with it" since all of that took place, but lately I have failed to recall the oddest of things. Things that back in the day I would shun to forget. Case in point:

#1 I went to Walmart the other day. I had so many things on my mind of what to buy because I hadn't been there in months. I was running low on "items ONLY to buy at Walmart". You know the kind, the good-for-you butter, the Hormel no preservatives deli meat, the YoBaby yogurt, the Amy's frozen meals, the raisins in the purple box that Rt always requests, ALL at total discount. The list goes on and on, but the whole reason I was headed there in the first place was to buy BROWN RICE. The BIG box that takes 7-9 minutes to make in the microwave. Having so many specific things to get at the store, I gave in and made myself a list. I so need lists in my life, but I hate the fact that I need one. Whatever. The very first thing on my list. BROWN RICE. What is the only thing I forgot at Walmart that day? yep, Brown FREAKIN Rice.

#2 I had thought about getting my dad a Father's Day card a definite week before Father's Day. Everyday I thought about it, but never got to the store. Then, on the Saturday before the big day, I jokingly asked hubs to get a card for me, from me. I was quite surprised to see hubs actually took the time to pick out a card, AND it was decent! My dad isn't the easiest card to buy, so I was very impressed with his mission. What happens next? NOTHING. My mind has gone awry and I have yet to mail the card that I didn't even have to buy!!!! I don't even know where it is at this point.

#3 Hubs was going on a local business trip overnight recently and I considered Rt and I tagging along. While talking to a friend who lived nearby, I mentioned the fact that we might be in town that week and if we could get together. I even said I would call her the next day to confirm our travel plans. That was over two weeks ago, and I just remembered yesterday that I never called her. Are you kidding me? I have turned into a lame ass and I don't even know it. I am a forgetful loooooser. Whaah.

So, if you ever feel the need to confide in me, tell me a little secret, get something off your chest, I am the gal for the job cause I will forget about it by the very next day. If that.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

toe jam anyone?

I seem to have a fascination with my son's nostrils and ear canals. If either one is polluted, I have no quams what's-so-ever about going in and retrieving the "foreign" substance/substances. This morning was no different.

Rt and I were relaxing on the couch, after just waking for the day at 7:00A.M! (it's about time, mister!) I had a good look into his left ear due to the piercing morning sun coming through the curtains.

After extracting a little somethin somethin, Rt pulled his head back and commented on my finding.


"No," I said. "Ear Wax."

Rt looked at me puzzled, repeated what I said, "Ear Wax", but then decided I was wrong with my discovery and confidently stated,