Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rt style

abc's rt style from little miss mel on Vimeo
Best invention ever.
Ability to turn video screen around to subject while filming. Brings out the best in the talent.....


Nappy Schmappy

Rt has been in his crib for 2 hours now and on his fifth rendition of twinkle, twinkle. I mean I am thrilled beyond belief he is having a good 'ol time, but come on, NAP ALREADY. And, no, he isn't dropping his nap, but I do feel I need to look at the sugar content in the fruit spread he ate on his P B 'n J for lunch. Nah, I don't think there is a connection, but what gives people????

To update you from last week, Rt did go to sleep once the yappers quit yapping. I woke him up at 5pm after 1 hour 45 minutes of nap and he did go down somewhat normally that evening. Currently, I think the transition back to regular scheduled programming from the 3 day weekend is part of it. Maybe playing in the daycare at the gym for an hour, and a trip to the park this morning got him too razzed up. I think I'll go with freak occurrence and continue watching a new episode of SuperNanny. All I can say is, I've got it reaaal good compared to these people.

This post had a short delay due to continued nap negotiations. It is currently 3:30p.m. and I think he just fell asleep. That means he has already been in his crib for 2 1/2 hours and just now drifting off to slumber. Now what? I just told my gal pal I was getting him up or out rather, and coming over to play. Phoowie. I guess I can complete this wonderful substance post and move on to something more enlightening, insurance inquiries! I do have the dream life!


p.s. I do think the dogs are here to stay, but I did not hear them all weekend, so keep your fingers crossed for short term visitors.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stick a fork in me

I am currently stuck in between a child that won't nap and a freakin yelping little pixie of a dog. Calgon, if you are out there, take me away!!!! Hurry!

No nappin kid and yelping idiot dog go hand in hand. How can one fall off into luscious slumber when lame ass little turd is laughing like a hyena. This all makes for a momma who only wants to sit and chill for a brief moment of time ALONE, but nooooooooooo, the new neighbors who moved in behind us (renters) had to have little powder puff thingys called dogs. Here is the oddity of it all. They moved in at the beginning of May, but only in the last couple of days have I heard the yelping. Can they please, please, please be dog sitting for the long Memorial Weekend Started Early? Can that be the case??? Waaaaaah. I have been Waahing alot lately, but COME ON.

The last go around with the kid was moments ago. He plays for a long period of time, then begins this whine/cry thing, which basically means he will do nothing else but, unless someone comes in and lays/lies (whatever) him back down. Usually, it takes one entrance to do the trick. Today, I am up to three. First one included a poop diaper. #@%#%#^ That probably IS the first culprit. Second entrance was to reset him and put all of his things back in the crib.(Don't you just love being manipulated?) Third visit was much of the same, but with a little attitude from me. Isn't that so nice of me? Basically, I scared him into getting serious about taking a nap. Sigh. Is it the long weekend yet?

Hubs was gone all last weekend as you recall, so I haven't had a morning off, let alone a moment without this little one. Until I can regroup and hug him a little bit tighter this afternoon showing him mommy doesn't mean to fly off the handle and truly loves him no matter what, I'll have to stare at these sweet photos I took of him this morning. He loves to appease his mommy when it comes to photo sessions. "No, honey, put the hat back on"................

um, ok I had more than one photo to share, but tell me this, why are all my photos from iphoto coming out sideways??? Until I can correct the issue, I'll leave the one above.....This calls for a second diet coke. Grrr....


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

na na na na hey ey ey goodbye


So, I did it. I bought my very own computer. It's a MAC Notebook. It's pretty. It's white. And it's MINE!

While it is just lovely to have a computer of my OWN for the first time in my life, I am having trouble navigating this lovely piece of machinery. How in the world have I lived as long as I have, majored in Electronic Media, AND worked for Yahoo! and not owned my very own computer?? I'll tell you why. It's because I had access to everyone else's.

Now, if you attended college back when I did in the early to mid-90's, having your own PC, let alone laptop was not required or even heard of. I think there were some computers up in the study lounge at the Theta house my senior year, but as I said, I was an Electronic Media major (Radio, TV, Film Production), so no paper writing for me. All projects, all day baby.

Working for Yahoo! came with access to a work computer. Laptop even! You mean I can take this home? You think our department is actual a Sales Group? (answering people's bitches and moans regarding our E-Commerce solution didn't come with a bonus people) And we can leave the building with this thingy? Cool beans.

I should have purchased a computer after college graduation. That would have taken quite a bit of fundage, which I had a limited supply of, so the big ticket items would have had to wait for a loooong time. Being a "floater" or lowest man on the totem pole in the advertising group of the city newspaper didn't supply much more than paying the rent. Once I moved out to CA and moved in with the future hubs, I just used his computer and then got the job at Yahoo! 7 days later......

Once the Yahoo! gig came and went (damn layoffs), I continued to use hubs computer when he wasn't working. Nothing better than sharing a computer. NOT!!! How can you do any web surfing, I mean job searching on limited time! Ughhh! Total lamo. Luckily, one day hubs got a computer upgrade through his work and let me use his older model. Awweeeeeeeee YEAAAAAAAAAH! (Imagine me churning butter.)

So, that is how me and Mac met. I believe you all now have a good idea of this momentous occasion of mine. Welcome o Mac o mine, o welcome to my humble abode.


Soooooooo, I am trying to spell check this fabulous piece of literature and the spell check button isn't doing anything? Why o why Mr. Mac are you making this switchover so painstaking? I need your ease, not your mutiny!!

I don't think reading the owner's manual is going to solve this one glitch. Guess I should read it none-the-less. Crap.


p.s. Solution to problem. Restarted PC and used Spell Check feature. Woah Nelly. Did I have me some typos. Poor BeachMama, she got to me before I made it to PC.

Monday, May 21, 2007

born to be a groupie

hubs wrote and recorded this song during his "vacation".
Check it.

ryan's game

ryan's got his cars, yeah
so nice and neat in a row, yeah
lined up this way is what we call the game....

his favorite one's a charger, an orange 70's charger
with a hemi engine it's super fast insane.

from the ottoman to the tv stand,
he won't stop till it's perfect man,
don't mess it up or get in his way,
this is what we call ryan's game.

cause it's superfast insane, superfast insane,
superfast like an aeroplane,
this is ryan's favorite game.

he brings his cars to his parents bed,
at 6am it's his parents dread,
just 30 minutes more sleep is all they crave

this is ryan's master plan, to get his parents out of bed, oh yeah,
come take a look at the car display,
this is what we've come to know as ryan's game.


Friday, May 18, 2007

tagger smaggers

Tag, you're it...

Thanks Girly Momma for making me walk down memory lane on this draggin Friday afternoon.

Here are the rules... Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write in their blogs the 7 facts, as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag seven others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog.


1. The only place I have been out of the country is Grand Cayman on my honeymoon. I live such a sheltered life. My passport is invalid since my maiden name is on it. Greaaat.

2. I placed 2nd all around in the OK State Gymnastics Meet when I was 13 yrs old. I medaled in all 4 events. Damn chic from the Alta A'Ok's team. Just cause your dad was the coach and you had extra pointy toes....

3. I tore ligaments in my RIGHT thumb, (drunk) hyper-extended my RIGHT elbow (goofin off doing a pennydrop on the uneven bars) and broke my RIGHT ankle (trying to dismount the beam).

4. I shaved a "certain area" before I went in to see my pediatrician for a camp physical. WTF? I think I was trying to hide my maturing self? Was sent to get tests done to make sure I was evolving. How embarrassing.

5. I do not miss working ONE BIT, but I haven't found "my thing" yet either. This mother thing is pretty close. I think I need somethin somethin on top of it.

6. I was QUEEN of drive by stalking. One's self-esteem rises negative 100% after a good drive-by. What was I really wanting to see? The guy in the yard with a sign that says "Stop the car. I was wrong. I need you now."????

7. I once had a terrible case of toenail fungus on my big toe in college. I blame the sorority showers.


Tag, you are weiner, I mean winner.

jane is dating,
Dutch Blitz,
Beach Mama


Thursday, May 17, 2007


I am typing with a kleenex shoved up my left nostril. Hubs can't stand this look. Even Rt says in disgust,

"mommy, nose, out".

What can a gal do when her allergies are on the fritz? At least I am aware that my allergies are not too much to write about. Only when they turn into a sinus infection, would you hear me roar in whiny pain. Allergies are just a nuisance to me. To hubs, you would think the sky was falling, but only on him. He doesn't understand that you can actually take certain medicines to relieve the pain until the illness runs it's course. He thinks he can take Airborne and all of his troubles/snot will go down the drain.

As he stated today,

"Why is it that every time I go out of town, I get sick."

I follow with this response.

"No, the REAL question is, why is it when you go out of town, I get sick. I am the one that has to take care of a 2 yr old ALONEEEEEEEEEEE!!"

So, this benedryl I take tonight is a cheers to you hubs. While you sit and drink it up with your best friend not realizing you are inhaling tons of smoke, due to your stuffed up nose, I'll be falling into a deep sleep while watching Ugly Betty at 8:30p.m. cause I accidentally mixed my medicine with a glass of wine, or two.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Box cake is so last year

Part of mother's day was spent making a cake, FROM SCRATCH. I had been watching The Rachael Ray show, not to be confused with 30 minutes meals or $40 a day, but her actually day time show. Her guest was the one and only Miss Paula Dean. She made a Banana Nut Cake that originated from her current mother-in-law. It looked somewhat feasible and damn tasty. That combination got my wheels a turning, so I made plans right then and there to make one for our Sunday M.D. bbq.

What the hell was I thinking? It was mother's day and I was going to whip out a REAL cake for the FIRST TIME EVER? I have made 4 whole cakes in my life and those started out from a box. (They did turn out just fabulous, but for some reason I thought I would challenge myself.) I had to be careful though. This wasn't the first time I went out on a limb during a big to do. I made my very first brisket for my very first dinner for my future in-laws back in the day. The recipe I had was my grandmother's and called for a beef brisket. The only brisket I found at the Safeway in San Fran was a Corned Beef brisket. Do you know the difference? I clearly didn't. Let's just say Corned Beef is naturally one salty piece of meat.

My mother was planning on coming to our bbq and hubs parents would probably be making an appearance as well. They had just flown back in town from a family wedding in Ohio and arrived at our door just as the meat was being taken off the grill. Luckily, we had planned for a full house.

Dinner went off without a hitch. Half pint went down without much of a fight, the dinner was yuuuuuuuuum and the wine flowed at a nice pace. I did have a fair amount to do with preparing the dinner as well, but it wasn't that hard, so I won't bore you with those details.

It was then time for cake. I think it was the first time I was able to actually cut a piece of anything and it stay intack all the way from the knife to the plate. The first bites came and went and the applause was overwhelming. Actually, there was no applause, but the consensus was: the cake was spectacular!

If I had as much time on my hands as you do Betty Crocker, you would have some stiff competition.


p.s. thanks coco on my grammer question...

Monday, May 14, 2007

la de da, ho hum, twiddle, twiddle

Just sitting here on a Monday morning wondering what the heck I should be doing. I already have Rt watching Signing Time, so I have limited "free" time of what I can do.

*Pay bills online? (Which totally needs to be done.)

*Write blog post? (Well, I do need to whip one out sometime today.)

*Think about what to do with my life/time/day now that my path has been rerouted?

You know, it's a funny (not funny, haha, but funny, bizarre) thing being in this predicament. I go along with my day and think nothing of it, then all of a sudden, something reminds me of what once was and I feel bummed/sad/angry/pissed off. Then in the same thought process I think of what is to come in the next month or so and know it will work out, it will happen again and for the better.

But, really, what in the hell do I do about today? Drown myself in Diet Coke?

I am stuck in today. Can't it be a few weeks from now so I can be telling hubby to get his groove on cause I'll be needing his services later in the evening? But what about today? I'd be 9 weeks this week. I know, I know, don't do that to myself, but, shit, how in the hell can I not? I know it will demise as time passes, but that is exactly my point. What do I do with all of this "in between" time? Stay busy? How can I when all of my weekly activities have ended until Fall? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Playdate, playdate, are you out there?

I did put a call into my therapist who I haven't seen in over 6 months. The last thing I told him was I was going to check in on a couple of matters and get back in touch. Well, I had no pressing issues to return, so I never called back. I wondered what he would say when I spoke to him again. Would it be awkward? Via our phone call to set up an appointment, he said he was glad to hear my voice and looked forward to seeing me again. Ok, why when I wrote that does it sound like he is a big perv? He truly is not, he just likes me. And I like that my therapist likes me and missed me. Isn't that a tad twisted?? So, for any of you that think I am not "going there" with recent events, I am and will be. Yeah, bob.


Friday, May 11, 2007

me bity bling bling

Breaker one nine, the ring has landed, THE RING HAS LANDED.

Now, I just have to wait 3 weeks to get my hands on it... or get it on my hand, rather.

I guess I can be content with a homemade
card for Mother's Day, then.

Is that a done deal?


Thursday, May 10, 2007


Originally uploaded by little miss mel.

Thank you little one for being you.
You make me giggle and every moment
we have together is more precious than the last.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

an end, a beginning

I wasn't sure if I would ever write about this, but I have sat here at the computer the last two days and thought, what else in the hell can I write about? I am consumed by the latest happenings in my world and am looking for a way to come out of this fog. Maybe blogging about it will jump start the process.

Hubs and I found out we were having another baby on Easter morning. It was somewhat of a shock, since we weren't trying that month due to the desire to travel home to OK for Christmas this year. But, we weren't doing anything to prevent it either. A win/win, right? Travel or baby! It seems God blessed us with a child and we were thrilled to say the least.

I had found out rather early, before 4 weeks along, so sharing our news with others was put on hold for a little while. If anyone knows me, they know I am not good at holding in "my" secrets, especially ones this big, but I did manage to keep our news under wraps even from my mother (who was living with us) for two weeks. It was just too new for the both of us to share. Just needed some time to process this life changing event. (I attribute NEAR BEER as a huge helper in the caper.)

Days past, I felt pretty good and looked forward to a smooth pg road ahead. I mean, everything with Rt was a breeze and it's always like that, right? I only wish that were the case. A week ago Sunday, I started spotting. Nothing too scary, but enough to send me into a tailspin for several days before we could get in to see the doc for an ultrasound. To my surprise, everything was ok. We saw a heartbeat and saw no evidence the spotting had anything to do with the health of our baby. I was quite relieved, but still perplexed because I still felt so "off" while everything was supposed to be "ok". I had had lower back pain since before I knew I was pregnant, but after reading plenty of material online, lower back pain can be attributed to the hormone progesterone and ligament stretching. Everything I doubted, there is was a viable reason for it.

The weekend came and the spotting was still there. Come Saturday, it got worse. I talked to the on-call doctor and was reassured it could be anything, good or bad. He said to rest as much as I could and go in for another ultrasound come Monday. My back was still causing much discomfort, but remained on a heating pad and hoped for any of my symptoms to pass. Then, everything would be "ok". Sunday came, some issues remained the same and others got worse. I felt so wishy washy with emotions. I kept flipping my opinions on what was to come. It was all going to be ok. And if it weren't, I found myself trying to make good of a terrible ending.

Monday morning, the doctor called and told me to come in at 1:30p.m. for another scan. Hubs couldn't come with me this time. Someone had to be home while Rt napped. Even though everything around us was all up in the air, we wanted Rt to have a "normal" day and that meant napping when a nap was called for.

It was as if I was playing a part in a movie. Everything that happened that day was so surreal. It still is. And it seems like that day was months ago. The scan revealed the baby had passed. What I thought happened on Sunday, was indeed true. We lost our baby. 7 weeks, 4 days pregnant, and it was taken just as fast as it was given to us.

I have already moved to the anger stage of recovery. Why did this have to happen to us? What was so wrong that my body knew it wasn't the right fit for us? I am grateful for finding out it had already happened and didn't have to wait for something to happen tomorrow or a week from now. I am grateful. At the same time, I am tired. Tired knowing that when the time comes, we will have to start all over again.

I know a couple years from now, when we look at our children, we will say, if it weren't for this miscarriage, we wouldn't have "you". Right now, that is the only thing that gives me comfort.

I pray for peace.


Monday, May 7, 2007


This could be a doozy of a day, but you know what I did to retaliate?

(funny how much I have already accomplished by 8:45am.
That's what happens when your child wants to get up at 5am for the day.)

-took shower

-blow dried hair

-curled hair

-put earrings and necklace on

-put new make up style on

-dressed in the tightest, hottest jeans I have

-put on not so cummfy heels but the look is tight

So, whatever the day may bring, I am looking like one smoking chic.

Take that you life!


Update: Life won today, but I still look hot.

Friday, May 4, 2007

token of my love

Yesterday, I was driving all around town looking for a jeweler. I have seen them everywhere, but of course I can't find any when I actually need one. How do they stay in business? The competition is stiff. Brand name places I would think, would take away business, but these little "never heard of before" jewelers continue to survive, just like every pizza, mexican, and nail place around here. It is truly baffling.

Why was I looking for a jeweler, you ask? This coming June is our 5th wedding anniversary. Every since we have been married, I have been mentioning I wanted another band on the other side of my engagement ring. My mother had 3 rings, and I wanted the same. I saved every receipt from our wedding except the one for my wedding band. We bought it online through Mondera. We had my engagement ring custom made from a family jeweler in Carmel and really wanted something quick and easy when it came to both our bands. Luckily, we hit the jackpot and have been quite pleased with our purchases to date. All I needed from the receipt was the ring size. No receipt, no ring size. Therefore, the trip to the jeweler.

I happen to be talking to LVGurl while on my jeweler quest. She suggested I ask to get my rings cleaned and subtly ask to check the ring size. At least that way I had more purpose than to use their free services and split.

I took Rt in with me, (like I had another choice....) and found the chic in the back that looked in charge and had nothing else going on. (Did I mention there are like two people in the entire store? How do these people pay their bills?) I asked her for a ring clean and check the size while she was at it. Both requests were fulfilled in moments flat. Just in time for Rt to want to get down and run around the entire jewelry store. He had a rubber alligator with him that he placed on the glass with slobber. She said she didn't mind, it would give them something to do. (hello, is she that bored?) Anywho, I don't know if she was so impressed with the amount of lotion I collected in my rings or she felt sorry for me having to take care of a little one, but she gave me a bag with an entire bottle of ring cleaner, FOR FREE, and told me the ring clean was ON THE HOUSE! Now if that isn't service, I don't know what is. How long do you think it will be before a for sale sign is placed in the window?

Now that I have gotten my ring size answer, away we go online to buy my new ring! Free shipping, no tax and I found a 12% off coupon code on this band. I have to say, the Diamond Gods are in my favor. Me likey.


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

chasing laughing baby

Video of Rt from last summer. enjoy.