Friday, June 29, 2007

Define "housewife"

Taking a thought off of LVGurl on this one.

Hubs and I were having a conversation the other day, about who knows what, and he referred to my job as a "housewife". (He wasn't trying to be demeaning, just calling it like he sees it.) I immediately had a problem with this verbiage and called him on it. He was quite dismayed at my reaction. What was the big deal? You are a housewife. Yes, yes, I get that, but the picture that comes to my mind when I think of a housewife, is some chippy from the 50's with her dress, heels and apron on holding a tray of cookies and a cocktail for the man of the house as he enters the front door. Just doesn't ring true in my home.

That, I believe, is the issue with that term. I am not a housewife, but I do run the house and everything that comes with it. I manage all the finances. I am primary caretaker of our child. I am in charge and perform most household duties. I shop or oversee all purchases for the home. I do all of this while my husband works full time and makes it possible for me to stay home with our son. So, technically, I AM a housewife. BUT why the hang up on the title?

Does the "Stay at Home Mom" title even cover it? Is there another term that would nip all of this in the bud, and give our job a millennium face lift? Do tell...


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Project Nin com POOP

So, today's nap experience has been a joyful one. Little one fell asleep at 1:45pm, 45 minutes after being put down. Only "issue" is, he fell asleep with a big ol poop. Poor kid. He was too tired to care that he had a load in his pants. I can only imagine the odor that has percolated in his room. Yowza!

Today has been one of those glorious days you knew had potential, but wasn't going to bet anything on it due to the recent nap fiascos. I spent the morning at the doctor's office getting Rt's tubes checked. They are still looking fab and doing their job, so we are quite thrilled! After our quick doc visit, Rt and I headed to my book study. This summer, we are reading a book called Positive Discipline. It looks to be a great book and the class is a perfect summer treat. A chance to have adult conversation, learn something that is relative, and have a little break from Rt while he plays amongst his friends in the nursery. Saweeet!

Book study was followed by lunch, where I had P.F. Changs leftovers (way cool) and have been online and watching DVR'd programming ever since.

This evening will consist of a girls night out at the local Mexican cantina. I will be leaving in just over an hour, so I'm off to get something important done, (so it looks like I have slaved the day away. sigh. poor me.) and put on some chick clothes.

una mas cerveza por favor!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Project NoNap

If any of you have been keeping tabs of my Twitter posts, you'll know that I have been having a minuscule issue with Rt and his "napping".

Yesterday was plain misery. He chose to play/whine/cry in his crib for over 2 1/2 hours. By the time it was 3:30pm, I decided to go with the "you snooze, you lose" tactic and got him out of the crib. If you don't nap within this time frame, then you don't get to nap at all. (Of course, there have been several times I let him fall asleep as late as 3:30pm, but I was tired of him staying up so late because of it.) I continued to be frustrated with him the rest of the afternoon, but had a hard time staying that way with him being quite cute and cheery for having no sleep. After a quick trip to Target and Chipotle, we settled down to an early dinner at 5:30pm.

Moving as quickly as I could, I had him bathed, dressed and in bed by 6:30pm. He began crying within 5 minutes. Motrin in hand, I went in and gave him a dose of "not sure what your problem is, but this should cure it" and went on my way. He was asleep by 7pm.

Rt slept 11 hours straight last night followed by 50 minutes of aquarium listening before calling for me at his usual morning time of 6:50am. YEEE HAW!

I thought my prayers were answered, my ducks in a row, the sun and the moon aligned, until Rt went down for his nap again today. I peaked in at 1:30pm, 30 minutes after putting him down, to see him rolling around with NO music on. I felt he was on his way to slumberville. I checked back in awhile later to notice a particular odor coming from his room. %##&*%$#! So, off I went to grab a diaper to nip it in the bud ASAP!

After a quickie diaper change, and another round of the whining game, "mommy, I need you, I really need you, NOT!, I told him I wasn't coming back into the room until AFTER he went nite nite. 15 minutes later, he was ASLEEP. At 2:45pm. Greeeeaaat. I am waking him up in 8 minutes, so he can actually have a "normal" bedtime tonight.

Dear "Phase",

Get your ASS and everything associated with it, and leave town. We are done with you here.


Monday, June 25, 2007

a mind is a terrible thing to lose

My memory is at a loss. I know, it's all because I had a baby. I get that. BUT TWO YEARS AGO mind you!! I seem to be quite "with it" since all of that took place, but lately I have failed to recall the oddest of things. Things that back in the day I would shun to forget. Case in point:

#1 I went to Walmart the other day. I had so many things on my mind of what to buy because I hadn't been there in months. I was running low on "items ONLY to buy at Walmart". You know the kind, the good-for-you butter, the Hormel no preservatives deli meat, the YoBaby yogurt, the Amy's frozen meals, the raisins in the purple box that Rt always requests, ALL at total discount. The list goes on and on, but the whole reason I was headed there in the first place was to buy BROWN RICE. The BIG box that takes 7-9 minutes to make in the microwave. Having so many specific things to get at the store, I gave in and made myself a list. I so need lists in my life, but I hate the fact that I need one. Whatever. The very first thing on my list. BROWN RICE. What is the only thing I forgot at Walmart that day? yep, Brown FREAKIN Rice.

#2 I had thought about getting my dad a Father's Day card a definite week before Father's Day. Everyday I thought about it, but never got to the store. Then, on the Saturday before the big day, I jokingly asked hubs to get a card for me, from me. I was quite surprised to see hubs actually took the time to pick out a card, AND it was decent! My dad isn't the easiest card to buy, so I was very impressed with his mission. What happens next? NOTHING. My mind has gone awry and I have yet to mail the card that I didn't even have to buy!!!! I don't even know where it is at this point.

#3 Hubs was going on a local business trip overnight recently and I considered Rt and I tagging along. While talking to a friend who lived nearby, I mentioned the fact that we might be in town that week and if we could get together. I even said I would call her the next day to confirm our travel plans. That was over two weeks ago, and I just remembered yesterday that I never called her. Are you kidding me? I have turned into a lame ass and I don't even know it. I am a forgetful loooooser. Whaah.

So, if you ever feel the need to confide in me, tell me a little secret, get something off your chest, I am the gal for the job cause I will forget about it by the very next day. If that.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

toe jam anyone?

I seem to have a fascination with my son's nostrils and ear canals. If either one is polluted, I have no quams what's-so-ever about going in and retrieving the "foreign" substance/substances. This morning was no different.

Rt and I were relaxing on the couch, after just waking for the day at 7:00A.M! (it's about time, mister!) I had a good look into his left ear due to the piercing morning sun coming through the curtains.

After extracting a little somethin somethin, Rt pulled his head back and commented on my finding.


"No," I said. "Ear Wax."

Rt looked at me puzzled, repeated what I said, "Ear Wax", but then decided I was wrong with my discovery and confidently stated,


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

in need of a good 'ol soap washin

"oh, dam mat."

"Did you just hear what he said?"

"Hear what?"

"He just said D-A-M-M-I-T."

"You know where he got that from."

"Um, ya. That'd be me."

note to self:

If situation calls for a swear word, say under breath cause this kid is on to you.


Monday, June 18, 2007


What is it about weekends lately? The ones that are completely busy seems o so satisfying and long, but the ones where you really don't do anything out of the ordinary fly by sooo fast that you wonder what the hell you actually did with all your free time.

What is it that I did all weekend? Watched golf. Of course all my dedication didn't pay off. My Tiger didn't win, but damnation, did you see him in his Sunday Red yesterday? He has got some nice guns, is all I am saying. Yowza!

Besides spending some quality time in front of the tube, I spent most of my weekend with Rt. Part of hubs Father's Day weekend was golfing an hour away with some of my mommy friend's hubbies. So, my Saturday, was just like my Tuesday, or my Thursday.
Come Sunday, hubs and I spent most of the day cleaning this pigsty we call our home. I swear, our pad can be spotless one moment, then destroyed by the car fetish wonder boy the next. I guess most of our cleaning was tidying up, but still, that can take time. (And this differs from any other day of my life? And joy, we get to do it on a Sunday! Lucky me.)

A major bonus over the weekend was I made a new dessert! Molten Chocolate Cakes With Sugar-Coated Raspberries. (You know, the chocolate cake that oooozes chocolate when you cut your first bite? This is it, just in cupcake form.) Hubs parents and brother's family came over for a Father's Day dinner. We were in charge of the meat while the rest of the group brought the side dishes. (Total score.) The dinner was a hit and the dessert was a smash. Well worth the effort, but boy, was I pooped after everyone left and the kiddo went to bed.

And now here we are on another Monday morning. No holidays, no nothing to distract us from a 5 day work week. Rats. Guess I should make my grocery store rounds and balance the checkbook. Ah, the perks of running the household.

Oh, and the toaster decided not to work this morning. WTF? Guess I can actually use my 20% off coupon at BB & B. Saweet.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

bring it on oakmont

Just got back from my whirlwind 24 hour concert extravaganza. It was a glorious time filled with $10 beers, sexy ass white tank tops that only Sting could pull off, and several gusts of pot-filled breezes that kept the night nice and cool. Hubs and I were definitely the youngest people in the entire stadium. What a trip.

I must go for now, though. Rt is down for a must needed nap. I bet he had oodles of fun with Gran Gran filled with little rest. I knew he was too exhausted for words when he had a major teary freak out when I turned off the car when we got home and his song stopped playing in the cd player. Good grief child! It's going to be o.k.!!

I don't know who it is I've become. I actually dvr'd the U.S Open from this morning and am thrilled to pieces to be watching the entire 1st day of play ALL AFTERNOON. I am a total geek.



Monday, June 11, 2007

The Fuzz

And now as a follow up to my latest post, I will share with you all of Rt's birth photos and go into detail of my labor. Naaaaah, just kidding. I'm sure I will provide many photos, stories and play-by-plays of my next pregnancy and birth, so until then, I have........................ nothing.

What is it about coming home from a vaca? Everything settles, falls back into place nice and neat without any sort of rumble. Do I have anything exciting, educational or memorable to write about? Nope. Nada. Dream on.

The only thing I can think of is, hubs and I are going to a concert.

On a school night.
With other adults.
That are cool.

I am still amazed I am actually doing something "WOO HOO". At NIGHT, for that matter. I, honestly, haven't been to a concert since Rt was born. I lived in LA for 2 1/2 years and the only concert I went to was The Pixies at the Greek Theatre. It was totally hubs idea. He got the tickets for MY birthday and likes them more than I do. Nice work babe. My major run with the Pixies was during the Pump Up the Volume era, but anything after that, I didn't keep up with. At the concert, I was in my first trimester with Rt, so I couldn't even drink. Sitting there with all the other MAJOR YOUNG ASS peeps, sober as all get out, was truly not that enjoyable, especially when I could have barfed or fallen asleep on any one of them. I was a party waiting to happen, let me tell ya.

Point is, it's been a long time, my friend. I am assuming the crowd will be more my age, or older, since we are going to see THE POLICE. I am not a major ass fan, but, hey, any excuse to get out of the house, have someone watch the wee one OVERNIGHT, works for me. Sting is hot anyway, so that seals the deal. period.

Here's to being footloose and fancy free, even if it is for only one night.


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Still got it.

So, the last time I posted about this, I signed off from the local airport, day one of our 5th anniversary getaway. The flight to San Diego was relatively uneventful which makes it such a FABULOUS experience. Those of you who have small kiddies know that flying can be one of the most stressful parts of being a parent. Being stuck in a small moving space on total display in front of an audience that would rather be at the dentist than sitting by you and your potential nightmare of a kid. Well, hubs and I were no threat to anyone and it was a joy to blend into the masses. I actually listened to my IPOD and read my digital camera manual. I am now a professional photographer. Cough, Bullsshhhit. But, well on my way? Just a tad, maybe?

Anywho, the first day of our trip included checking in to the Estancia hotel and taking a dip in the heated salt water pool (oh my) followed by the hot tub (oh my my). We were going to go to the wine bar at the hotel before our dinner reservations for a introductory cocktail, but I was too gabby (who me?) with the other guests at the pool, so we had to skip the drink. It was really a shame, since hubs had to give me my anniversary gift, (the ring), in the bathroom as we were walking out the door for dinner. Greaaaaaaaat, I goofed up hubs efforts on the romance. Dinner at Roy's was just perfect, so the evening was a huge a success none-the-less. Hubs asked me across the table if I was buzzed and I said "yes" with a big grin on my face. Dude, I had one beer and one glass of wine. Total lightweight. Here is another photo documenting my state-of-mind:

strike a pose.

wishful photo shoot?

On to Saturday. Saturday consisted of hubs and I dropping in on my GIRLS from back home, whoorl and caroline. It was so great to see the little whoorlito and whoorl's main squeeze, but we three girls really know how to catch up and pick up where we last left off in a short amount of time. You should have heard our topics of convo. (loved every minute of it.) Luckily, hubs is really good at ignoring thing he shouldn't concern himself with. I believe whoorl is providing most of the footage from our shindig, but I'll add a couple to the mix:

3 Chicks, unite!

Made in Oklahoma. Awee Yeah.

(Back in San Diego) The rest of the day and night was filled with another dip in the pool and a short drive down into La Jolla Shores for a casual night's snack. It was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip. Something about the weather, the mood, and of course, the hot piece sitting across the table. To top the NY style pizza and caesar, we split the pear/strawberry crisp. (Dude, give me anything with crust, and
I am so set.)

Sunday started off with breakfast down in La Jolla at The Cottage. I had "the world's best" granola, which I personally do not recommend, (it had roasted pecans that I just couldn't get passed) but it wasn't that awful either. I just should have ordered my staple, eggs and bacon, and called it a day. I even got a piece of coffee cake to offset the wholesomeness of the granola. It was the size of my entire hand spread way out. We lugged it back with us and ate the rest of it over the course of a few days. That afternoon, we met one of hubs co-workers at the Coronado Bay docks and spent the afternoon sailing the bay with gorgeous views of downtown San Diego. Can we say relaxed?:


Sailing in Bay. Something is up with my hat, but whatever....

Later on in the day was spent at the hotel, I believe, in the pool again and at the local outdoor cafe on the property. What was going to be ONE cocktail and chips/salsa turned into a couple more drinks, shrimp quesadillas and halibut tacos followed by a group Salsa lesson. Who would've thunk it or planned something like that? Way cool. Since we didn't know what we were in for that night, the camera was not present......

Monday was our last day in paradise. We took a lovely morning walk on the beach and then headed back to Coronado where hubs left his sweatshirt on the sailboat the day before. We decided to tool around the area and made our way through the Hotel Del and ate lunch at a local 50's diner. It wasn't that sunny, but that was no bother. We get sun everyday back home, (so done with the sun), so fog and clouds are joyous.

wayyyy close up on beach near Scripps

Hotel Del Coronado

And that pretty much wraps up the much needed little getaway with the hubs. It truly is amazing how once the little one is out of view for just a few days, the moments and the magic with hubs is so on, (thank God, I was beginning to worry. Well, not worry so much as missed those moments. I guess kids can really kill the mood, huh?)

Thank you hubs for making this all happen. When's the next vaca?


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

eighteen hundred twenty nine

I am technically still on vacation since Rt is with his grandparents. I have one more hour until I jump in the car and meet Gran Gran halfway btwn here and there for the toddler dropoff/pickup. Of course, I am sooo excited to see the little one, but there is a part of me trying to squeeze every last drop of free time out while I still have it. I am still in bed at 9:09am and watching Regis and Kelly. This is the life. My stomach is starting to rumble though. #$%@%^@$%

The number in the title of this post is how many days hubs and I have been married as of today. I know, I know, the things you figure out when you have nothing else to do or be responsible for. Cool, huh? I do have a post in the works of our entire anniversary getaway, but I need more time than I have this morning. So, until then, I'll leave you with a photo we took of ourselves in our hotel room after our big celebratory dinner at Roy's. We forgot the camera at the restaurant, so we set the timer and used the ironing board as our tripod for the hilarious photo shoot. Ah, the things that tickle our fancy after a bottle of wine. Vacation, I miss you already.


Friday, June 1, 2007

leavin on a jet plane

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary.

We are currently sitting in the airport awaiting our flight to San Diego. I am eating a toasted plain bagel with cream cheese, a banana and drinking the best chocolate milk ever made. How cool is it that I am typing away on my new laptop in the middle of the food court. Rock it.

Yesterday, father-in-law picked up Rt for a weekend filled with swimming, cookie making/eating and tons of attention. I am sure he will miss us terribly.

I would love to chat more, but hubs just complained that I am not entertaining enough while he sits here eating his muffin from Starbucks and sips his grande house blend. As he just said, "none of that fru fru crap coffee."

So, I am signing off and heading to SoCal. It should be a fun-filled weekend of nice dining, sailing, shopping, movie watching, and dropping in to see my best friends from back home, whoorl and miss cocodrie.

awe yeah.


p.s. The chocolate milk I just drank has 400 calories and 60 grams of sugar. Oh my. At least I got my 22 grams of protein and 80 % of my calcium for the day. I think I am going to need it with all this free time on my hands.