Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Double D

Now, don't think I am crass. I wouldn't post a bra size as a title to a post, but it does look very suggestive, doesn't it? I am really taking about what I used to call the best invention or the best concoction in the world.

It all started back in college when most weekend mornings, and even some weekday mornings were a tad too hard to get the body moving. The one and only device that got me and a number of my friends back into the mainstream was the double d: Diet Coke and Doritos. mmmm. Just thinking about it makes me want a chip. I am currently finishing my one diet coke of the day, so I am halfway there. I don't know what made the duo work so well in the early/late mornings, but it was heavenly and might I add, REALLY GOOD FOR YOU. I guess we could have done a lot worse. Diet Coke, at the time, was like water to us and Doritos were just another thing you could buy with the change from under the sofa cushions.

Now, that reminds me of when my best friend CeCe and I lived together sophomore year in an apartment off campus. We would truly take apart the living room looking for loose change for a quick trip up to 7-11. We would buy the 'ol staples with a Ziploc baggy of change. And if I am not mistaken, GAS was also purchased with this same pile of loot. In college, I never bought more than $5 worth of gas at one time. What was the point? I didn't have much cash to begin with and where was I going to drive? Everything and everyplace we needed to be was right down the street. I swear, we could have closed our eyes and drove straight and hit every hot spot in town. Now, we didn't ever do so, but it was possible, I bet.

Speaking of cars and CeCe. One time in this luxurious apartment, CeCe's pimpin jeep was broken in to. They took the stereo, maybe some speakers, not sure what else, but it was truly devastating. The next day, she needed to head back home, all of 30 miles, to go to dinner with her parents. We decided she shouldn't drive her car due to the break in, but to take mine for safety reasons. So, off CeCe went, and off to our photography class I went. Not more than 50 feet down this same straight street, the WHEEL flew off the car and bounced its way down the road all the way to the 7-11. I wasn't that fabulous with a stick to begin with, but now only having 3 tires to work with and leaning down and to the left didn't help matters. Somehow, I managed to pull off onto the side of the road. (luckily you could only drive 30 mph anywhere in our college town, so I wasn't in too much danger) A nice man pulled over as well in front of me and said he thought I might need some help when he saw a tire whiz past him. All in all, the lug nuts or something like that had been taken off the car during the break in and placed back on without much tightening from our dear 'ol friend Jay.
Needless to say, one needs to use a wrench to tightened said lug nuts in order for the wheel to remain on the car.

Point to all this rambling? I thank the stars above I made it out of college with a continued love for the double d and several fabulous friends to remind myself that I once was a wild child.

Now if I can just prevent MY child from doing anything like his mother OR father did, then we should make out ALRIGHT! .....................................ha



LVGurl said...

You sent Cece home in the Probe??

little e said...

ha, ya, and that was the "safer" car.

Debbie said...

Oh, the fabulous Probester...driving around blaring some Rusted Root!

You can remind me that I was once a wild child too...then again, maybe I don't want to be reminded :)

I swear, I am far from that girl. Wish I had just a teeny tiny bit of her back sometimes.

Okay, I am REALLY going to go now...