Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rt Free

Rt is up at his grandparents house today. Gran Gran came and got him yesterday and they will return him tomorrow. Can we say, fabulous? I mean, what does one do at home without a child around? It has been so long, I can't recall.

Now, hubby and I have gone on two wonderful vacations and a few weekend getaways since Rt was born, but we have never been home while he isn't here. Here is a list of things I have done since yesterday:

watched tv
went out to dinner with hubby
woke up early, but stayed in bed
ate breakfast in peace
watched tv
paid bills
went on a walk with hubs
tried to install child proof lock in kitchen, failed
went to gas station, bank, grocery store, sprint store and cost plus
ate lunch in peace


after I write my post, I am off to the yard to prune the rose bushes.


tonight we are going to see a long movie.


tomorrow, the world is once again my oyster. let's just hope I can sleep past 6:45am


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