Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Still haven't found what I am looking for

Ok, phew. I am out of the poo woods. (so far) I brushed my teeth, ate both breakfast and lunch, got dressed for public, went to Playschool with Rt and even enjoyed a little section of a chocolate bar. AWE YA! Now, if I can just figure out IF this new hair color I got on Friday is going to be fab or not, cause right now I am kinda bumming on it.

So, here lies my present beef. Let's call it the BEEF OF THE WEEK! (echo, echo, echo)
What do you do when you get your haircut/hair colored and you don't like it? I usually come home from the salon not digging the current "do", but I am not one for change either. It takes me a bit to get used to anything new. It may take a few minutes on something rather minuscule, but if it's a big to do like my HAIR, then I need some extra time. For those of you that actually know me, which is probably the couple of you reading this, I have always had blonde hair and for the most part kept it long. (why did I pick college to go short? eeck! Bad timing and cheap hair color) So, anytime I ask for a little lighter, little darker, I always get more than I bargain for. But, like most of the time, the color fades and returns close to how I started out within a few washes. I have washed my hair THREE times and the "low lights" are taking over my head AND they look two different shades of "dark". Now, I know I don't live in LA or SF anymore, but the places I go to aren't shabby. They are the $$$ places in town. I just still haven't found what I am looking for (just broke off into song in my head) and continue to try more people for the first time. First dates with hair people is awkward to begin with, so this current hair saga is such a bummer. And these visits aren't cheap either So, I will give it a few more washes to see if my scalp returns to its natural color of pink and get back with you on the topic.


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LVGurl said...

Yes, give it a few more washes. but if it still isn't to your liking, don't most hairdressers fix for free? Or at least a cut rate? I have no experience, I always end up going dark again shortly after highlights.