Friday, January 26, 2007

Vanilla Diet Coke Please

Rt and I got out of the house this afternoon after he got up from his nap. There is something about Friday afternoons that are so dragging. Whether it's been a great week or a trying one, Friday afternoons are the last lap to the finish line. Once his nap is over, there is a good 2-3 hour time span to find something constructive to do before the weekend starts in our home. So, today, I thought we should get out and drive around a bit.

First stop, Sprint. I got a BlueTooth for Christmas without realizing my phone is not compatible with BlueTooth. Could they have told me that when I purchased it last summer? That would have impacted my decision to buy the darn phone. Actually, BlueTooth wasn't apart of my vocab at the time, so big loss on my part. Anyway, since I bought my phone last summer, I didn't qualify for a discount on a compatible phone, so I spent $64 on an adapter for the BlueTooth which cost me more than the BlueTooth did. Do I feel cheated? YES! Do I have another choice right now? No. So Happy Friday to Me, I can use my BlueTooth now! Hey you! Call me.

To celebrate my hoe hum purchase, Rt and I went to the one and only Sonic drive-in in town. It's connected to a gas station, so you order in the back, then pull into the "car wash" to pick up your order. Definitely an odd setup, but I'll take it! I haven't lived near a Sonic in 10 years, so when this one opened, I was one of the first ones there. They are supposed to open one closer to my house, but they haven't even broken ground yet. So, for now, I will just get in the car, drive across town and have something constructive to do until I go off-duty.

Happy Friday!


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Debbie said...

If only Classic 50s was a chain, eh?

Okay, someone stop me from being so post-happy this morning. Not like I have two kids to watch or anything. Can we say, 'procrastinating?'