Tuesday, February 27, 2007

All it takes is 5 minutes

All it takes is 5 minutes for things to start heading your way. I am a believer because it just happened to me. Yippee kai a mo' fo'.

I have been sitting on a couple of freakin issues that were nagging me to pieces.

Case in point #1:

INSURANCE. Rt had tube surgery at the beginning of the month. Since we were in the "paying deductible" phase of our insurance, we owed $1200 for the ear procedure. Once that money was paid out, we then entered the "just paying 10%" on any future doctor visits/procedures until August. The insurance company doesn't have any co-pays, so everytime we see a doc, we walk right in, no moo la la to the system. It is soo nice and convenient. Therefore, we never owe anything upfront for any visit. Actually, our insurance tells us to NEVER pay for anything until an invoice has been sent to them. I get it, it totally makes sense. So, when we go in to get Rt's ears done, they told us we owed our deductible portion right then and there before the surgery could even begin! Well, shit. They said they called our insurance co and they said we DID owe the $1200. What the hell? I thought we weren't supposed to pay upfront, blah blah blah. We were so confused at this point, but wrote the check anyway. In the end, we did pay more than we were supposed to, so I have been on the phone with the insurance co and the surgery center trying to get my $$ back. All morning long, one side was saying this, the other that. BUT, I just got back from visiting my very prego friend AMY and got a message on my voicemail. The first thing the surgery center woman said was "Looks like we owe you some money. We'll get that to you on such and such date". Yippee kai a mo' fo'.

Case in point #2.

VIDEO TAPES. Rt is turning two in April. Last year, hubs made a video of Rt's first year to show at the party. It was a major hit. So, we decided we would do it again. One problem. Were in the hell were the little bitty teeny weeny ass video tapes? We looked everywhere. There aren't that many places to hide in this house. We have a kid, so nothing is just laying around. Everything is up somewhere. So, a week goes by and we still hadn't found the tapes. Hubs said we would tear the place apart on Saturday. Dude, that is 3 days from now. I am in distress NOW. Can we say trip to Hawaii, New York, everything Rt has done since he was 1 year old? GONE??? Did it get tossed with some of the Christmas decorations? The only evidence we had was the footage in the video camera began sometime in mid-December. The Christmas tree in the background was the obvious clue. So, where in the hell did one of us put the tapes sometime in December? Dude, I can't even remember if I took my vitamin last night. How can I solve this mystery? I am mostly a visual person. I can imagine seeing something somewhere and look and it's actually there. So, after I got Rt down for a nap today, I listened to the voicemail regarding the insurance refund, I had a conversation with hubs, told him I should find the tapes now since everything was falling into place in the past 5 minutes. As I was saying that, I visualized the tapes, opened the drawer to the butcher cart, (which has become my desk drawer, since my computer resides on top of said butcher cart) and the tapes were shoved back in the back with the rest of my important paperwork for safekeeping. OH MAH GAWD. Yippee Kai A Mo' Fo!

All I can say is, sawheet!


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