Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Beef of the Week

Ok, I had mentioned doing this every week at the start of this blog, but I forgot it existed, so that is my excuse.

Today's topic is Cream of Wheat.

I am not sure where my taste for Cream of Wheat came from, but I just dig this stuff. I especially like to add some brown sugar on top. mmmmmm. I hadn't had it since I was little until I bought some not too long ago. Of course, now that I have a child, I never have time to eat myself, so using the microwave to heat my meal is the best chance I have. The problem with using the microwave is you have to check and stir every 30 seconds. If you decide you do not want to follow directions, forget there are directions to follow, or get distracted and once again forget to follow said directions, the cream of wheat WILL EXPLODE in your microwave. Have you ever tried to clean up explosive cream of wheat? It is so sticky and just EVERYWHERE, it pains me to no end when this happens. It has happened to me twice this week and it's ONLY TUESDAY. So, I am boycotting Cream of Wheat until I have forgotten how hard it is to clean the mess, and then, just maybe, I'll try again.



LVGurl said...

You can get the 2 1/2 minute cream of wheat, it cooks pretty fast on the stovetop, and it tastes better than instant.

Lefty said...

My #1 beef is when people say they're going to do something and then make the excuse that they forgot.

Oh, yeah, and the Cream of Wheat thing, too.