Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Beef of the Week

One word. EBAY

Mo fo EBAY. Actually, it's not really ebay this time, it's the chick that is selling her kid dvd's that is getting my panties in a whod. I ordered 3 of Rt's favorite signing videos from this woman on ebay. I could have just spent $5 more and purchased them on one of a trillion sites, but noooooooooo, I went the ebay way and look what I got: NOTHING.

Here is the detailed scoop. I ordered these dvd's sometime in mid-January. However, the order was put on hold for about a week until Paypal confirmed I lived where I lived, etc. So, after that mess, it was already Jan. 26th. The most annoying thing out of all of this is you don't get an email from the seller, EVER. Unless, you actually email them to inquire about this our that. I merely emailed this fine woman wondering when the videos were shipped, what carrier did she use, and what was the tracking number? My email went out on Feb. 7. Plenty of grace period if you ask me. I believe I got a response a day later, but wasn't "with it" enough to realize it was sent to "My Ebay" section, and not to my yahoo address. So, on Feb. 11th I saw her reply which was basically a stall tactic, "oh, you didn't receive the dvd's by now?, let me know and I will send a new shipment out immediately." Now, if that doesn't scream "oh shit, I forgot to mail those", I don't know what does. Long story, even longer, I wrote her back and what have I gotten since? a Paypal email stating a USPS mailing label was created on Feb. 12th, AND THAT IS IT MY FRIENDS. I have emailed her 2 more times since then asking for a reply, asking her for updated tracking information, asking IF SHE WERE ALIVE. I even threatened her with a negative feedback,(which you are not really supposed to do), but what other cards did I have???? So, today I left a "neutral" feedback stating I had not received my order. I had to go through this lame tutorial before I left the semi-kiss of death feedback. The real kicker to the seller is she is HIGHLY RATED. I think she has a 94% positive feedback rating.

In the end, hubs said I should get my money back from Paypal. BUT I HAVE COME SO FAR! I can't give up now. I want JUSTICE!! Has this happened to anyone? If so, do tell. I need Ebay support. Is there a meeting I can attend for this? EBAYANON?

Until then, Rt is thoroughly educated on what to expect when he gets to school. Do YOU know the sign for "Pay Attention"?



LVGurl said...

If money was paid and you haven't received the goods, then Paypal will likely reimburse you. Especially if homegirl can't prove that the package was shipped or delivered.

My USPS tracking experience is that those tracking numbers provide zero information. You can see when the label was printed, when the item was delivered, but that's it. Drives me nuts! It's not like UPS where you see the progress, stop by stop.

I love eBay and the whole concept, but I'm still not very trusting. I usually steer clear of anybody lower than 98%. Even if someone has 99.9%, I will scroll through to see what the negative feedback was about.

Sizzle said...

ebay and pay pal really get my panties in a knot. ugh! it's gotten so bad that i don't shop on there. too many problemos!

Lefty said...

That would BURN ME UP, too.

Fortunately, I've never shopped ebay.

little miss mel said...

Update- Finally got the videos last week. Still no word from the seller regarding the lack in communication (go figure!) Gave her a neutral rating anyway. All I can say it, WE LOVE the new videos. I can actually shower ALONE!