Monday, February 5, 2007

Drain baby, drain!

Just got back from Rt's tubes surgery. What a relief to be through with that. It was quite a non-eventful experience considering Rt had to "go under" for the procedure.

We had to get there an hour before the surgery to be prepped, etc. Rt came dressed in his pj's and was excited to get out and about with mommy and daddy. After playing with the toys in the waiting room, we all were asked back to the prepping area. A teenage girl next to us was commenting on how excited Rt was skipping down the hall. She said she wished she was that positive about her surgery. Rt continued to play with more toys while they took his pulse and temperature. After speaking with the anesthesiologist and surgeon, we wrapped Rt in a warm sheet and walked him back down the hall to the main door. He was placed in the nurse's arms and was carried away. The look on his face wasn't that of fear, just a look of wonder why we weren't coming with him. Sigh.

So, to keep busy, hubs took off to Starbucks while I made conversation with the rest of the waiting room. (how odd, right?) Anywho, by the time hubby came back and I ate my muffin, the doctor was telling us how well he did during the procedure. He was awake, but not happy about it. He said his right ear looked fine, but his left one had a good amount of fluid still in it. A final confirmation we were doing the right thing with the tubes.

Once we entered the recovery area, Rt was in the arms of a nurse crying hard with his eyes closed. She said he hadn't opened his eyes yet. She placed him in my arms as I laid down on the bed cradling my helpless child. It was so heart wrenching. My heart truly ached when I walked in and heard him so upset. They said he probably felt dizzy, out of it, and angry that he couldn't do the things his mind wanted him to do. Then, Rt wanted his daddy. It was so sweet to see how much he needed both of us. After some diluted apple juice and some chex cereal, Rt was back to his happy self. Once the paperwork was taken care of, we were lead out the back door and on our way home.

As I said, it was extremely gratifying to know we did the right thing for Rt and were even more grateful knowing he was in such good hands during our first and probably not the last scary surgery with our boy.



LVGurl said...

I'm happy that RT's tubes are done, he's doing well and you can put the infections behond you!!

Lefty said...

I had a similar surgery when I was a little one. I had terrible earaches all the time.

I don't miss 'em.