Monday, March 26, 2007

Rama lama lama

Hot Damn! My Max won the role of Danny on Broadway!! Laura won the role of Sandy, which is just lovely, but having Max win was major fab. I buried my head during the finale. I couldn't take the pressure. I am still so exhausted from the nerves. My hubby thinks I have offically lost it.

I dvr'd the show to watch it again. Gotta run.

In the meantime, take this Grease quiz!



LVGurl said...

Um, I'm Rizzo. That's a little alarming. I was hoping for Frenchie.

little miss mel said...


I'm Sandy! hahahahahah

"Some might say you're a little too innocent and uptight, but they just don't appreciate your heart of gold. You're confident, charming and willing to do anything for that special someone...if only they'd do the same. Your song: "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee.""

dude that is bizarro.

Jane is Dating said...

I SO CRIED! Why am I so lame?

oh and I was Sandy...I got the same thing as you and I agree it IS bizarro

cocodrie said...

I'm terrified.

Debbie said...

I'm Rizzo, too, but I'm actually quite thrilled with that. Perhaps it is because of my dream to play Rizzo in Grease one day. I mean, not that that's going to happen...but I love singing 'There Are Worse Thing I Could Do!'

You crack me up, by the way, little miss mel...

LVGurl said...

I took the quiz AGAIN and got Rizzo AGAIN!