Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Top 10 Target Best Bets

Now, I know everyone has Target. So, this should be fun for all. Clearly, I have a thing for Target Brand. Bare with me.

Top 10

1) Target Brand Hand Sanitizer- As I have mentioned before, this stuff is literally all over my house and car. Total bargain.

2) Hot Wheels cars- 97 cents. Keeps the entire shopping experience a positive one. Rt loves getting a new car to play with while we shop. (No Rt, Lowe's doesn't have cars to buy for you. sorry)

3) Target Brand Children's medicine- Exactly the same as brand name. Did you know they have the Target version of Mylicon? Make a note of that one!

4) Target Brand Pearl Tampons- Dude, who wants to pay full price for these? These are the bomb. Believe me, I have tried them all.

5) Target Brand Sensitive Wipes- Just like Pamper's Sensitives, my favs, but way cheaper.

6) Annie's Mac 'n Cheese- 99 cents, Organic $1.99 (Actually, I found the organic kind at Cost Co for $11.99 for 15 boxes. score.)

7) Robeez kid shoe knock off's- Just as cute and half the price! Quite durable. Believe me, I know.

8) Storage Bin Toy Organizer- Fits all of Rt's toys. He loves having them on display and accessible. I love it cause it looks organized! Yee haw.

9) Lamps, Lamps, Lamps- Bought Rt's cuuute lamp for his room. Looks very Pottery Barnish, but me no pay PB prices. nice.

10) Batteries- When they are on sale, you can get a pack of 12 for $9.99 And when you are in dire need of a battery, it's nice not to pay an arm and a leg.

What's left?


p.s. um, I was just searching to see if their tampons were for sale online to link to, and this is what I found from my tampon search. dude, that is weird.


LVGurl said...

HAHA!!! The period chart totally made me laugh.

Target greeting cards are very good, I go there first before Hallmark. There are some witty cards in there.

Bottle/paci/sippy/utensil section is great.

Baby food selection is interesting. They carry different flavors than the store.



Target is great for a quick DVD pick-up when we are sick of the current Wiggles selection at home.

The bargain section rocks!!

What else....

Okay, I know. BACK TO WORK!

Lefty said...

I avoid Target whenever possible. I am not much of a shopper.

BeachMama said...

Can I cry now? Because I actually live in the Targetless zone, being Canada. They keep threatening to bring them here, but noooo we have to wait until we go on vacation. One day, one day it will be everywhere, just like Walmart and Starbucks.

As for the period chart, that is too hilarious.

cocodrie said...

Period chart?! Awesome.

Also, the faux vintage tee section at Target ROCKS.

Jane is Dating said...

Agree I love Tarchay and I so totally could use that period chart- I think my palm pilot has screwed it all up because when it's time I have it set for 'Flo is here!' and for the longest time I was always in synch and now well I sit waiting for days for th ebithc to come or anyways I'm so off topic this isn't even funny. Am I the only 30 something NOT on any form of birth control that regulates your (.)?

I love Target for their notebooks too- the clearance end racks are my favorites and the kid clothes are just too cute!

metalia said...

Ooh, I agree with Cocodrie; their vintage shirts are very cute. I also love their frames and albums.