Friday, March 9, 2007

Top 10 Trader Joes Finds

1) Bag of Raw Almonds- Pefect for chomping on after lunch while watching dvr'd shows. The only ingredients in the almonds, are almonds. Nice.

2) Green Chili & Cheese Tamales- Ahh, my favorite quickie meal. Best on those nights when all I have to feed is myself and I have no energy whatsoever. Love me some chilies!

3) Microwavable Bag of Cubed Sweet Potatoes- Rt loves these! 4 minutes in the microwave and voila, ready to serve!

4) Jar of Peach or Pear halves in Juice- Perfect quick fruit for Rt. When I have no time to cut up 500 grapes or carve an apple, these are the best!

5) Frozen mini-cubes of Garlic- Who has fresh garlic on hand? I think I may have some from a month ago. Still able to use? I think not.

6) Cuties Ice Cream Sandwiches- Yum! These are half the size and taste just like the real deal, plus they're soy, so less bad stuff.

7) Cheap Butter- Love the pricing. Can't beat tons o' butter at bargain prices. ha.

8) Soy Vay Teriyaki Sauce- Major stir-fry staple. Plus, I use this in a ground turkey dish. mmmm. Love the added sesame seeds.

9) Pork Pot Stickers (Gyoza)- Even though the company went out of business, these still make the top ten. What are we going to do with stir-fry night? The replacements they have, a shrimp or veggie pot sticker are SO NOT the same. waaah.

10) Gnocchi with red sauce- Love, love, love to make this with steamed broccoli. Cook on stovetop in 7 minutes.

Ohhh, and I can't forget to mention their frozen organic fruits and veggies.

Have anything to add?



rebcram said...

I also LOVE the frozen mini cubes of garlic. They have basil, too - have you seen those! Awesome.

Just saw your comment... thanks for stopping by. And also stay classy. p:)

LVGurl said...

The crap they have "replacing" the gyoza is nasty. I can't remember what it's called, but it's not good.

I can't live without...

TJ's parbaked bread!!
Crispy chocolate chip cookies.
Beef tamales.
Frozen spinach dip.
Pasta medley.
Pita chips.
Basmati rice.

whoorl said...

The California walnuts are great for munching (going along with the almonds...)
Frozen Cannelloni - our #1 fave over here.
Vegetarian egg rolls.
String cheese - much tastier than other brands.
And this one pizza that the name is escaping me right now...

whoorl said...

And speaking of garlic, the bulb of which I used half last week is growing a plant out of it.


LVGurl said...

OH YA! Makenna loves the spizzico di pizza.

Lisa Mac said...

OK, I was wondering where the pork gyozas went! Damn. Add'l faves:
- frozen brwn rice
- spicey artichoke dip
- pre-made hambrgr patties (fresh)
- minced chicken stuff for lettuce wraps...yummmmmm!
- chicken nuggets for kiddos

gorillabuns said... you know, i live in oklahoma, we don't have such tasty choices here. frozen garlic, that has to be some cali thing.

but in other news, we are getting a wild oats around these parts.

i envy your choices out there but you have to admit you miss braums, right? tell me you miss it!

little miss mel said...

Dude, I miss Braums, Johnnies, and I used to miss Sonic until we got one here a few months ago. I had a vanilla diet coke just yesterday. mmmmm

Lo said...

I'm sad...:( There is no Trader Joe's where I live. Why, oh WHY???

Lefty said...

What about the BEER?!

SparkinLarkin said...

I can not BELIEVE you guys haven't mentioned the freakin' mini chocolate peanut butter only get like 2 handfulls in one pack (which I can put away in about 2 minutes) but they are serious business. Plus the other thing you gotta give 'em big ups on is the free food. Like Costco, I could just wander through TJ's for an hour or so and eat a whole fact I took my wife to TJ's for our anniversary. Serious.

LVGurl said...

Um yeah, I try to forget that the peanut butter cups are there. Dangerous and tasty. Better than Reeses.

180/360 said...

Aussie Licorice
Cranberry, Almond, Cashew Trailmix
Chicken Flautas
Mochi Japanese Icecream
Avalon Organic Soap

Like some of the others:
Par-baked Bread
Tofutti Cuties
Spizzico di pizza

little miss mel said...

Dang, you guys are good. Now, if I could just have the entire store to myself without a kid in the basket, I could find all this sweet ass stuff. It's a competition to just get in and out of there without getting run over by the other intense shoppers.

Adding to my shopping list:

parbaked bread
spizzico pizza
minced chicken
hamburger patties
PB cups- hubs will LOVE!
chix flautas

And yes, the beer is good. The wine is even BETTER!

Angela Z said...

My list? And, I use a lot of TJ products for my catering business. Sometimes they are even cheaper than my distributors!

Whole peeled garlic
romaine lettuce
plain yogurt (cesare dressing)
all organic tomato sauce (for my homemade Marinara Sauce).
Gorgonzola cheese (the cheapest in the nation, I think).
Bags of Penne Pasta
Chicken broth!!!!! OMG the best and very low sodium
Wines.....great price and not the 2 buck chuck.
San Pelligrino sodas....not water.
I think I covered it all.
Cuties, cookies and juices are great also.

OOPPPs: The flour tortillas......just like homemade.