Monday, April 30, 2007

makeover monday

Mops group today was "spa day".

I came home with a full head of makeup (very tastefully done. my eyes were to die for) and an eye brow wax.

What did the hubs say when I returned?

"Did you do something to your eyes?

Nice response hubs. At least he noticed something was different.

I took a picture of myself, so one day, when I have oodles of time to apply makeup, without driving with my knee, I will have some sort of guide of "how it should be done".

It's monday and all, but I do look good.


Here are two pics. Hard to tell that I am even wearing makeup, but I guess that is the idea, right?


cocodrie said...

Um, hellllllo, post that sassy pic, please!

LVGurl said...

Yes, seriously!

I talked to you for an hour and you didn't mention the makeover... ;)

BeachMama said...

I agree with cocodre, we need to see a pic. And what a great way to start off the week, spa day and a makeover, should be manditory for Mondays.

Jane is Dating said...

dan girl where is the picture?!?!?! I need make up ideas!!

LVGurl said...

Holy smokes! Ry TOTALLY has your eyes!

Jane is Dating said...

girl that looks great!! i may do copper sat night now after looking at you...i'm afraid to post my eye pictures

Lefty said...

You're putting too much pressure on your husband. I got a haircut last Friday, and I didn't even notice that. We're not made to notice things. Only to drink things. And sit around a lot.