Monday, May 7, 2007


This could be a doozy of a day, but you know what I did to retaliate?

(funny how much I have already accomplished by 8:45am.
That's what happens when your child wants to get up at 5am for the day.)

-took shower

-blow dried hair

-curled hair

-put earrings and necklace on

-put new make up style on

-dressed in the tightest, hottest jeans I have

-put on not so cummfy heels but the look is tight

So, whatever the day may bring, I am looking like one smoking chic.

Take that you life!


Update: Life won today, but I still look hot.


Jane is Dating said...

you go girl! no pics? i finally posted my make up photos from MAC. I like the Bobbi Brown look better

LVGurl said...


BeachMama said...

We are early risers too, mostly 5am, but I won't scare you with the earlier times I have endured. Great way to take on the early day, getting all primped and ready for action. Hope the day turns out stellar.

girlymomma said...

I wish I had the motivation in the morning to get that much done. GO you, hot momma!!