Monday, May 14, 2007

la de da, ho hum, twiddle, twiddle

Just sitting here on a Monday morning wondering what the heck I should be doing. I already have Rt watching Signing Time, so I have limited "free" time of what I can do.

*Pay bills online? (Which totally needs to be done.)

*Write blog post? (Well, I do need to whip one out sometime today.)

*Think about what to do with my life/time/day now that my path has been rerouted?

You know, it's a funny (not funny, haha, but funny, bizarre) thing being in this predicament. I go along with my day and think nothing of it, then all of a sudden, something reminds me of what once was and I feel bummed/sad/angry/pissed off. Then in the same thought process I think of what is to come in the next month or so and know it will work out, it will happen again and for the better.

But, really, what in the hell do I do about today? Drown myself in Diet Coke?

I am stuck in today. Can't it be a few weeks from now so I can be telling hubby to get his groove on cause I'll be needing his services later in the evening? But what about today? I'd be 9 weeks this week. I know, I know, don't do that to myself, but, shit, how in the hell can I not? I know it will demise as time passes, but that is exactly my point. What do I do with all of this "in between" time? Stay busy? How can I when all of my weekly activities have ended until Fall? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Playdate, playdate, are you out there?

I did put a call into my therapist who I haven't seen in over 6 months. The last thing I told him was I was going to check in on a couple of matters and get back in touch. Well, I had no pressing issues to return, so I never called back. I wondered what he would say when I spoke to him again. Would it be awkward? Via our phone call to set up an appointment, he said he was glad to hear my voice and looked forward to seeing me again. Ok, why when I wrote that does it sound like he is a big perv? He truly is not, he just likes me. And I like that my therapist likes me and missed me. Isn't that a tad twisted?? So, for any of you that think I am not "going there" with recent events, I am and will be. Yeah, bob.



Angella said...

While I'm all for drowning sorrows in Diet Coke, talking to someone might help too. I does get just takes time :)

180/360 said...

I personally wouldn't overload on Diet Coke, but you know my stance on soda! :)

I think everything you are feeling is totally normal. If you could find something to do to occupy your time that would certainly help.

Marci & I would love a playdate with you guys! Too bad you aren't closer...

Jane is Dating said...

you know how much work I did today? about 10 minute's worth for an 8 hour day- the rest was spent polishing up my resume, looking at websites on real estate in Florida and well you get the picture. it must be going around.

BeachMama said...

If you can't drown yourself in some tequila, diet coke will work just fine.

I promise that time does heal. It will get easier as the days and weeks pass.

LVGurl said...

Mmmm, vanilla coke.

You're doing great (considering), I'm proud of you!