Friday, June 1, 2007

leavin on a jet plane

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary.

We are currently sitting in the airport awaiting our flight to San Diego. I am eating a toasted plain bagel with cream cheese, a banana and drinking the best chocolate milk ever made. How cool is it that I am typing away on my new laptop in the middle of the food court. Rock it.

Yesterday, father-in-law picked up Rt for a weekend filled with swimming, cookie making/eating and tons of attention. I am sure he will miss us terribly.

I would love to chat more, but hubs just complained that I am not entertaining enough while he sits here eating his muffin from Starbucks and sips his grande house blend. As he just said, "none of that fru fru crap coffee."

So, I am signing off and heading to SoCal. It should be a fun-filled weekend of nice dining, sailing, shopping, movie watching, and dropping in to see my best friends from back home, whoorl and miss cocodrie.

awe yeah.


p.s. The chocolate milk I just drank has 400 calories and 60 grams of sugar. Oh my. At least I got my 22 grams of protein and 80 % of my calcium for the day. I think I am going to need it with all this free time on my hands.


LVGurl said...

Have fun!


A BIG hug to you and Larkdog.

whoorl said...

Can't wait!

whoorl said...

Oh yeah! Happy Anniversary!

Angella said...


Have a great time!!


BeachMama said...

Oooh Happy Anniversary!! And have a great time visiting with Whoorl, maybe she will make you some Whoorlgaritas.

180/360 said...

Happy Anniversary and happy travels.

Jane is Dating said...

oh girl how fun! VACAY ROCKS~ hope you have a great time...happy anniversary!

Lefty said...


LVGurl said...

I can't believe you caved in to Twitter!!

Jane is Dating said...

i see you blogging but no pics from your getaway! wassup with that? there's another song called alfie that cracks me up!