Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Still got it.

So, the last time I posted about this, I signed off from the local airport, day one of our 5th anniversary getaway. The flight to San Diego was relatively uneventful which makes it such a FABULOUS experience. Those of you who have small kiddies know that flying can be one of the most stressful parts of being a parent. Being stuck in a small moving space on total display in front of an audience that would rather be at the dentist than sitting by you and your potential nightmare of a kid. Well, hubs and I were no threat to anyone and it was a joy to blend into the masses. I actually listened to my IPOD and read my digital camera manual. I am now a professional photographer. Cough, Bullsshhhit. But, well on my way? Just a tad, maybe?

Anywho, the first day of our trip included checking in to the Estancia hotel and taking a dip in the heated salt water pool (oh my) followed by the hot tub (oh my my). We were going to go to the wine bar at the hotel before our dinner reservations for a introductory cocktail, but I was too gabby (who me?) with the other guests at the pool, so we had to skip the drink. It was really a shame, since hubs had to give me my anniversary gift, (the ring), in the bathroom as we were walking out the door for dinner. Greaaaaaaaat, I goofed up hubs efforts on the romance. Dinner at Roy's was just perfect, so the evening was a huge a success none-the-less. Hubs asked me across the table if I was buzzed and I said "yes" with a big grin on my face. Dude, I had one beer and one glass of wine. Total lightweight. Here is another photo documenting my state-of-mind:

strike a pose.

wishful photo shoot?

On to Saturday. Saturday consisted of hubs and I dropping in on my GIRLS from back home, whoorl and caroline. It was so great to see the little whoorlito and whoorl's main squeeze, but we three girls really know how to catch up and pick up where we last left off in a short amount of time. You should have heard our topics of convo. (loved every minute of it.) Luckily, hubs is really good at ignoring thing he shouldn't concern himself with. I believe whoorl is providing most of the footage from our shindig, but I'll add a couple to the mix:

3 Chicks, unite!

Made in Oklahoma. Awee Yeah.

(Back in San Diego) The rest of the day and night was filled with another dip in the pool and a short drive down into La Jolla Shores for a casual night's snack. It was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip. Something about the weather, the mood, and of course, the hot piece sitting across the table. To top the NY style pizza and caesar, we split the pear/strawberry crisp. (Dude, give me anything with crust, and
I am so set.)

Sunday started off with breakfast down in La Jolla at The Cottage. I had "the world's best" granola, which I personally do not recommend, (it had roasted pecans that I just couldn't get passed) but it wasn't that awful either. I just should have ordered my staple, eggs and bacon, and called it a day. I even got a piece of coffee cake to offset the wholesomeness of the granola. It was the size of my entire hand spread way out. We lugged it back with us and ate the rest of it over the course of a few days. That afternoon, we met one of hubs co-workers at the Coronado Bay docks and spent the afternoon sailing the bay with gorgeous views of downtown San Diego. Can we say relaxed?:


Sailing in Bay. Something is up with my hat, but whatever....

Later on in the day was spent at the hotel, I believe, in the pool again and at the local outdoor cafe on the property. What was going to be ONE cocktail and chips/salsa turned into a couple more drinks, shrimp quesadillas and halibut tacos followed by a group Salsa lesson. Who would've thunk it or planned something like that? Way cool. Since we didn't know what we were in for that night, the camera was not present......

Monday was our last day in paradise. We took a lovely morning walk on the beach and then headed back to Coronado where hubs left his sweatshirt on the sailboat the day before. We decided to tool around the area and made our way through the Hotel Del and ate lunch at a local 50's diner. It wasn't that sunny, but that was no bother. We get sun everyday back home, (so done with the sun), so fog and clouds are joyous.

wayyyy close up on beach near Scripps

Hotel Del Coronado

And that pretty much wraps up the much needed little getaway with the hubs. It truly is amazing how once the little one is out of view for just a few days, the moments and the magic with hubs is so on, (thank God, I was beginning to worry. Well, not worry so much as missed those moments. I guess kids can really kill the mood, huh?)

Thank you hubs for making this all happen. When's the next vaca?



LVGurl said...

I thought you were made in North Carolina? No wait, Houston? BAH!


Fun to see the great pics after hearing your story over the phone! :)

gorillabuns said...

i love san diego! what a nice trip for the two of you. the last trip my husband and i took together - ALONE - was our 2nd anniversary.

we've. been. married. seven. years.

do you notice a bit of resentment in my type?


the made in oklahoma girls are mighty pretty!

Angella said...

What a wonderful getaway! We need to do one once Emily is weaned. It's been far too long.

Did you know I was clueless to the fact that you and Whoorl were real-life friends until this weekend? Call it Mommy brain :)

Again, envious of your trip. I could use me a weekend in San Diego :)

rebcram said...

I love La Estancia! I grew up near there and have to confess that's where we ate dinner on prom night though. I'm sure your visit there was more fun! :)

cocodrie said...

I will have to tell you mom's stories of the Hotel Del from her childhood. She was born in La Jolla, remembah?

Such a perfect trip. Loved seeing my girls!

whoorl said...

Halibut tacos...mmmmmm...

Love the pics!!

180/360 said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! Nice pics. I just got back from my journey- so I should be up and posting soon.

Jane is Dating said...

Wow great pics!! I should have gone to san diego when we went to cali- next time! you look marvelous!

BeachMama said...

Sounds to me like a perfect weekend. Glad you had lots of fun and were able to get together with Whoorl and Caroline, looks like you had a great time.

I love San Diego, only been there once, but want to go back again and again...