Tuesday, December 26, 2006

364 more days till Christmas

Ok, so I know it's December 2006 and am now just starting to keep track of my life via blog, but who cares.

I have been taking care of my 20 month old son and now am able to get a decent amount of sleep on any given holiday. When I say decent, I mean all night long, 7:30p.m. to 7:00a.m. I have high standards, I know, but I know that little boy has it in him. I have seen it before. He slept through the night at 3 months old. It was something about being away from home that changed our luck. Actually, thanksgiving this year in Oklahoma was a success too, but anything before that was a crapshoot. We had been using a port a crib for about 6 months, and he kept banging himself against the metal bars all night waking his little self up. So, we brought back the pack n play and have grown to love that damn thing again. The ticket to success was an egg crate cut into a square placed underneath the crib sheet. And voila! SLEEP! all night long baby.

So, on that lovely note I will sign off. Keeping this short and sweet will make me want to return again tomorrow, or something like that.....

oh ya, here is a picture of my little family......20 months ago.
(It is the only photo I could find on my in laws desktop, so it will have to do.)


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