Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Not that I am counting, but 363 days....

We are now back home and completely exhausted. How did that happen? We got sleep. The kid napped. Was is the never ending company? Am I that far off the mark that staying up till 11:30pm kicks me right in the rear? I am not sure, but hubby is just as pooped. The whole ride home, a whole 1 hour, hubby and I were yawning while Rt went through the alphabet 20 times. He even counted to 10 a couple of times to change it up a bit. Luckily he went right down for a nap and continues to snooze into the 3p.m. hour. I just stuffed a panini from Safeway down my throat and am enjoying the peace and quiet. Well, it's not quiet, quiet. Hubby is watching something from the dark side on tv. Great. A movie on USA sure hits the spot. I really want my hot tamales out of our duffle bag, but the bag is sitting just outside Rt's room and I am not going to do anything to disturb this peace. Maybe I'll head over and join hubby and watch crapola on the tube.


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