Friday, December 29, 2006

Name Hope's Baby

That is what television and media as a whole is coming to. It is sad to admit, but I am currently keeping tabs on what is happening in Salem. The Brady's and Horton's have invaded Rt's nap time and I cannot look away. It had been 10 years of living Sami free and life was good, but oh is it so much better now. It's my one luxury, watching one soap while the boy naps. The best part is to watch something else I dvr'd from the night before, then watch Days in a matter of 20 minutes flat.

Oh, ya, the title of this post. You can now name Hope's baby. If you log on to so and so dot com, you can become part of Salem history and name baby Brady. Crazy I tell ya. Right now, Hope and Bo and stuck in a warehouse alongside Patrick, the psycho. Of course, a struggle begin and whoops, her water breaks. Within minutes, and a commercial, Hope is wanting to push. I wish my labor went that fast. I thought I made off with decent time, but withing minutes of the flood gates opening, we have name that baby Brady?

Talking of little ones has made me miss my little baby. Here is one from the archives. 7 weeks


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cocodrie said...

Oh. My. Gah. Hope and Bo?!?! They're still on that show?! I am scared...