Thursday, December 28, 2006

Next up: Canines!

It's always the same thing, you talk to anyone about how well your kid sleeps, then wham! up twice in the night. At least we knew why he woke up. Pain, Pain and more Pain.

Nothing is worse than a baby of any age to wake in the night for no obvious reason. Or nothing is worse when you go into the baby's room because he/she sounds so beside themselves with fear or whatever, and then they say "hi, mommy!" Ugh, foiled again!! People tell you to wait until they are really crying to go into the room. If they are just fussy, then let them be, they will fall back asleep on their own. What do you do when your kid only goes from silent sleeper to "hey you, get your ars in here and tell me to go back to sleep!!" crying fit??

Rt, for the most part, is a great sleeper. If we do have to go in and tell him to go back to sleep, he does right away. Problem solved. Go back to sleep. Last night was different. We knew Rt was working on his top right canine tooth. He had a red cheek and ear on his right side for a couple days now. That is a sure sign a front tooth is making its way down. Rt woke at 1:30am. Problem was solved by some Motrin, teething tablets and Ambesol. He woke again at 5am. What to do. What to do. 5am is a sketchy time of night. If all the guarantees are not working, one has to make the decision. Am I up for the day or do I want to sleep some more? This being our first night back from "vacation", we opted for more sleep. That sounded something like this, "just bring him in here". So, we did. And we all slept till 7:45am. Yee haw!

Tonight, back to square one. Note to self. Never bring baby into bed again......unless everything else sounds like too much work. :)


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