Friday, January 12, 2007

Little perks baby

So, last night before hitting the hay, my mom said she would get up with Rt while hubby and I slept in a little. I told her she actually said her statement outloud, so I would hold her up to it.
Luckily for everybody, Rt didn't stir till 6:40am (I was up at 5:15am using the "twalet" and am not certain when I drifted off to slumber before The Rt Alarm went off.) Anywho, hubby brought him into our room to chill for a sec, then Rt and I paraded down the hall to find "the one who is letting us go back to sleep, thank you Jesus". After the dropoff, hubby and I BOTH snoozed till 8:30a.m. EIGHT THIRTY AM PEOPLE! When was the last time we both got to do that on a weekday or ever for that matter. All I can say is, YEE HAW! I can't speak for hubs, but I think he could have something like "DUDE".

Now the perks didn't and don't stop there. Hubby and I have already seen a movie together. I went to yoga yesterday morning without having to put Rt in the daycare. I am getting my haircut this afternoon. We plan on going out to dinner with friends in a nearby city and catch another flick that I CHOOSE! Of course, the best part for all of us is getting to spend time with Mimi. Rt loves her and caled for her everyday this week when she wasn't in the room. It will be a sad day for many reasons come Sunday when Mimi has to go home.

We only hope she will return very soon WITH A NEW JOB! Not only would she have a KICK ASS career, she would be willing to spend what free time she had with Rt, oh and us too. :)

crossing those fingers Mimi!


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