Thursday, January 11, 2007

One. Go. Wheeeee.

These fine words were spoken by my darling son at 6:15am this morning as he was slowly sliding off our bed. These fine words were only following two "hi's" that were spoken at 4:15am and 5:45am. (hubby out of town last night, nice timing hubs!!)

We are heading to the doctor at 5p.m. today to have his ears checked from the ear infection he had 3 weeks ago. We have an appointment with the ENT next week, but due to his SLEEP SUCKAGE this past week, I have decided to make a quick trip to the doc of all ear docs, Dr. Moser (he's famous!) to take a quick peak. Several people have suggested I buy my own scope to view his little ears to see for myself if he has an ear infection, so I don't have to pay good money at the peds office. Problem is, every time I think he has an infection, he does, so the $28 scope wouldn't be saving me cash, it would only reaffirm my mommy instincts and my lack of sleep that this boy's ears are DRIVING US ALL BATTY!

One thing. I still don't know if these recent events are due to these LAME ASS canines or his ear.

I'll let you know the results when they come in.


UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: 21 month old has gained 1 lb in 3 weeks.
And no sight of ear infection anywhere, and doc says he sees a tooth coming in.............he thinks.


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