Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Signing Times, I love you.....

If you haven't heard of these children's videos, then you are really missing out. Rt is almost 21 months old and really doesn't have any sit down interest in the tv. However, once I hit play on my dvr or pop in an actual dvd of signing times, the kid goes bananas. Just to give you an idea.........I am currently typing this post along with paying bills, etc. I look behind me and Rt is doing the sign for "helicopter". Just a minute ago he was saying and doing the signs for "smart" , "slow" and "fast".

I am definitely not here to sell these videos, but the utter amazement I have with Rt's vocabulary, I know, has something to do with his sign language. When Rt was around 9 months old, I would try to do the sign for "eat" before I fed him, or something along those lines. Just to remember to make any sign before I did something was too much for my mommy brain. I bought two baby signing videos and played them when I was in need of a few moments break. Then, we got DVR. My good friend Heather told me the signing videos were actually on tv once a week on Saturdays on a public tv station. So, I set my dvr to record and away we went!! Over the summer, we had acquired over 12. Not bad on the selection eh? Well, come Thanksgiving, they all disappeared. I forgot to save them when we went to Oklahoma for the holiday. I was heartbroken. Rt had no idea, but I was sad to see his favorite shows go by the wayside. Yes, yes, you can actually buy these videos, but the price tag is not in my budget. So, we have been waiting for more shows to air. Since the tragic Thanksgiving event, only two shows have aired. Hubby thinks the two we tapped are too over the top for Rt. What, you don't think he needs to know what scissors are, or how to sign for principal? Actually, he learned "smart" from this one, so I say it's a winner. What is really exciting is the show is airing the next two Saturdays so we should have a better selection in our dvr library. woo hoo!

Let's just say I am not an advocate of the tv. I personally love the darn thing, but I understand where all the panic is coming from regarding infants, toddlers, etc. However, I am a realist. The girl needs a break to go to the bathroom, pay the mortgage, etc. so I am all for doing what you got to do to survive and be happy. And along the way learn how to sign and say "backpack".


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