Thursday, January 4, 2007

2007 is no bunny bunny

Fiesta bowl, bite me.
Health to family, bite me.
All right with the world, bite me.
Mysterious night wakings, sit and spin buddy.

Hubby was out of town last night in SD for business. Nothing new. He's been out of town before. Now that Rt is older, the nights alone are not too much of a burden. Ya, I am the only one to feed him, bath him, get him ready for bed after a long day of bonding. That in itself isn't fabulous, but doable. He went right to sleep at 7:15pm. WOO HOO, check. Peeked in on him at 10pm when I was heading to bed. Still sleeping, still breathing. WOO HOO, check. My cell phone and I snuggled together in bed for a long evenings nap.

4 A M He wailed.

Awe, what do you want little one? What is it? I thought.
Walked into room and said," Time for nite nite." and laid him back down. Back to bed I went.
20 minutes later......

4:18 A M He wailed.

WHHHHHHAAAAAAAAT is it???? I thought.
Walked into room and heard him say, "Hi". (oh crap, he spoke) I said, "Time for nite nite."
and started the music to the aquarium as a decoy. Back to bed I went again.

5:00 A M He wailed.

@$#%#%$^^&^#$@#$ I thought.
I have been awake since 4 A M! What if I don't go back to sleep EVER! WHAAAAH!!!!
Walked into room and heard "Hi." (crap again)

So, I picked him up, brought him to bed and we both slept till 7 A M.

Note to self:

  • Try to never do that again tomorrow
  • Tell hubby to take Rt with him on his next overnighter
  • Tell Rt's canines to make a move will ya?


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cocodrie said...

Awww...he just wanted to snuggle with his mommy! Cute.