Friday, February 9, 2007

Leader of the Plaque

Vroom, Vroom. Had my trip to the dentist today. Yea, bob. You know when you are supposed to go for just a teeth cleaning, you hope, deep down, they will tell you everything looks immaculate, you will never need a filling the rest of your life, and your teeth are so white, they can't believe you have never had them whitened. (actually, they said that once, I was so proud. I guess I brushed away all the diet coke stains just in time.) Well, that wasn't this trip.

The hygienist waltzed in making some comment about how Anna Nicole Smith was SO on drugs and thought Anna didn't actually know the father of her baby. (It's the other guy, come on people!) I was surprised to see she didn't have a poodle skirt on to match her blonde ponytail and sipping a soda pop out of a straw. Bottom line, she was a tad flighty and reminded me of Sandra Dee. Anywho, after her continual comments on everything that was airing on the flatscreen above my head, the doc walked in.

I wasn't sure who it was since she was wearing a mask, but she said she was the dentist, so I took her word for it. I still don't know what she actually looks like, but I have seen her husband. He happens to be the other dentist in the practice. So cute. Too much time with the hubs in my book, but yea team dentist. She proceeded to tell me some of my fillings in the top back section of my mouth are taking over and I am on CROWN WATCH 2007. WHAAAAH. What is happening? I turned 30 and all my beautiful half silver/half white fillings need some "updating". When they say things like that, they mean, um, can we whittle down your tooth to a stump and put a faky on top? Sigh. Did I mention I have really white teeth?

The good news of the day is Rt went down for a nap at 12:30pm (which is early) and fell asleep within 5 minutes. I guess he was pretty pooped from sleeping all night, then waking at 4:55am. I don't think he actually fell back asleep, and I am pretty sure I didn't either.........


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