Thursday, February 8, 2007

You kiddin me right?

Dear Rt,

I don't know what it is that is keeping you from falling asleep this afternoon. Was it too much stimulation at the nursery this morning, that keeps you from dreaming of bunnies, cars, and choo choo's? Were you not thrilled to hang out with the other toddling kids while mommy went to her book study? Did you eat too much pear and can't come down off your natural sugar high? Was it the rush to get you down for a nap that keeps you from winding down slowly into fluffy cloud slumber? Whatever it may be, WOULD YOU LET ME IN OUR YOUR LITTLE SECRET?? I'm slowly losing my mind here.

So far, you have been in your room for 2 hours with no nap in sight. Wait, correct that. You are now standing next to me telling me about the letter "P" you just found on the floor. Right before that, you mentioned something about "nite nite" and I asked you why didn't you nap. You stood there and said "ummmmmmmmmmm, car, cow". I am not sure why I even think for one minute I am going to have an actual conversation with a 22 month old. As you can clearly see, I gave up on the nap thing today. I mean for God's sake, he was in there for the entire duration of a typical nap, so all I could do was end the insanity.

I know this phase too shall pass, but come on! I yearn for my afternoon chillouts. It's not like this happens often. In fact, I can only recall one other time he boycotted a nap EVER. So, I will probably just go to Target or something and try to move past the non-existent break I got while Rt played, cried, and played again in his crib today.

All I can say is EARLY ASS BEDTIME TONIGHT MISTER. Just wait till your father gets home! Haha, actually hubs was out of town last night and will return this evening. Just in time to help my ass in case this lack of sleep carries into the night.

ah, the perks


whoorl said...

That is SUCH a cute photo. If it makes you feel any better, the little derbs just fell asleep after being awake for 5 hours straight...he passed out cold mid-bottle.

Maybe our chatty phone conversation amped them up? :)

Lefty said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. I'll definitely read it.

LVGurl said...

Ahhh. The 2's. So fun.

cocodrie said...

Love it! Very snappy writing in this one, you.