Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday Meme

Thanks LVGurl for making me think back to times well suppressed.

6 things that are bizarro about me.

1) I named my first Madame Alexander doll Jenny. I received another MA doll for Christmas the next year and named her Jenny 2. (I didn't ever play with the first one. Asked for a second so Jenny 1 wouldn't be lonely.) I had an imaginary friend a few years later. Her name? JENNY. She was from Orvel, Texas. (Don't think it exists.) Once I was through playing with Jenny, the imaginary friend, I told everyone she went to visit her grandmother in Horrible, Texas. (Don't think it exists either.)

2) My favorite candy? Gummy Cherries. I also have a major love for Cherry Starbursts, Very Cherry Jelly Beans, and Cherry Sours. Cherry Pop Tarts are also fab. Any other flavors? Maybe Strawberry, but anything else is NASTY.

3) I have to put my left sock/left shoe on first. ALWAYS. My father told me when I was little. "Left for luck and right for might". Ever since then I have NEVER put my right anything on first. THANKS DAD for making me OCD on this one.

4)I put my '88 thunderbird into reverse while going 20 miles per hour. Why? I have no idea. I was a sophomore in high school newly driving and trying to show off for my friends, I guess. Wow, what a smart cookie.

5) I shaved my side burn hairs when I was in lower school. (they were long, but for some reason, had to go.) I thought if I shaved them, they wouldn't come back. Why did I want them to go away? I have no idea. Let's just say it was a GOOD look.

6) I took someone else's birth certificate to the tag agency and got a REAL id. They asked me if anything had changed regarding my stats. (this gal was 5'9", brown hair and blue eyed. I am 5'6", blond and hazel eyed) I said I had put on 5lbs. That is all I could think of. Well, whatever I did say, it worked. Away I went with a real id with my picture and someone else's info. PLUS, this gal didn't know I had her birth certificate in the first place. Classy, eh? Anywho, I went down to Dallas, Texas for the OU/Texas football weekend. I had gone to a fraternity party (with a total knob) at the Hard Rock. The ONLY cool thing about the entire night was Punky Brewster was at the party as someone's date. This was pre boob reduction, so she was the hit of the party. Long story short, I lost my id that night. Somewhere. In. Dallas. I didn't realize it until my friend CeCe and I were driving back to campus. I called all the LA Quinta Inn's I knew in the Dallas area hoping someone had found my id. Finally, one lady said a housekeeper had found an Oklahoma ID in the parking lot and had shipped it back to the address on the id 2 days before. UM, HELLO! This gal doesn't know I had her ID!!! So, CeCe and I jumped into the car, drove 30 miles to the address and hoped something miraculous would happen when we got there. I rang the doorbell and waited not knowing what I would say when someone answered. Luckily, No one did answer. I noticed the mailbox was attached to the outside of the house. I went ahead and opened the lid, saw an envelope from La Quinta Inn addressed to "me" and took it. I ran as fast as I could to the car and drove away. While driving, I looked inside the envelope and what did I see? MY SWEETASS FAKE ID! Woo hoo.



LVGurl said...

#6, WOW! That's a great story!

Sorry I haven't called you back... I have a nasty cold and I'm losing my voice :(

Sizzle said...

that is some seriously dumb luck with the id! wow!

i used to collect those madame alexander dolls as a kid. you know, the ones from different countries? i sold them all when i moved from cali to WA for some good money on ebay.