Friday, February 16, 2007

A day late, but not a dollar short

Valentine's Day in our house was on Feb. 15th this year. Hubs was supposed to fly back from SD in time for some sort of dinner celebration on the 14th. (not that I was cooking anything or had anything prepared, he was just supposed to be here. I did, however, have a gift and a card) BUT his plane was delayed and he did not return home until a few minutes before 10p.m. So, our BIG Valentine's celebration began and ended with a goodnight kiss.

So, to make up for the missed holiday, last night hubs and I put Rt down, then sat down for a nice dinner of fillet, baked potato and roasted asparagus. Ohh, and there was wine. I think we ended up polishing off the entire bottle or close to it. It was just what we both needed, a quiet table for two after a long week. To end our intimate dinner, we exchanged cards. Funny enough, our cards had the EXACT same message. We must have been feeling the same vibe. Then, I told him he should open up his present. He had such a shocked and sad look on his face. I guess when I mentioned before we should be "cheap" this year, he took my suggestion literally. He wasn't that much of a slacker though. My gift to him wasn't rolling in dough. He received a shirt from Target, some Ghirardelli chocolates, also from Target, and a pail full of chocolate kisses and coupons good for activities to be used at a later date.

I told him we could share the coupons. That way, we both would get an actual present. He said he didn't want to share.(I think he really liked the "get out of jail free" coupon or was it the "free round of golf without any huffing from me" coupon that sold him?) He DID say he would make some of his own coupons just for me. Now, how many of these coupons do you think will have to do with a "freebie"?


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gorillabuns said...

my husband would have appreciated the "drinking with buddies without a fight of when he came home" coupon.