Monday, March 19, 2007


On Sunday nights, I rarely get the wonderful opportunity to watch a delightful show while it actually airs. Hubs is so far from being able to sit down and enjoy this fabulous fluff I yearn to watch, but last night, he was busy packing for his day trip to SD.

So........... while he was off preparing for his voyage, I embraced the remote and maneuvered my way through the lame selection of shows on a Sunday night to watch......

GREASE: You're the one that I Want!

All I can say is SWEET GAHGAH. It IS the mother ship! I have been a fan of this show even before it aired. I think they began running the previews during the dancing show.(name escapes me) Anywho. I waited and waited for this puppy to air, and man o man it has not disappointed.

But, I have never been able to watch it "live" (night of, etc) due to its lack of appeal to hubs. I usually end up watching it on Monday's during naps or if I forget to tape it, on Friday afternoons after it re-airs on Bravo. Let me just say, it's even MORE marvelous watching it "LIVE" (tape delayed. whatever)

This particular episode was quite luscious since they were narrowing down the contestants to the final two before America votes who will actually become Danny & Sandy on Broadway in GREASE. The two people they did give the boot to, I wasn't bummed nor surprised, but one of the Danny's that remains is a totally lamo. He has been on DAYS before. Let me see if I can find a pic of him from his run on the soap.
I guess he played Hawk back in '01-'02. Not that there is anything horribly wrong with him, I just don't care for him. I'd rather have the other dude, MAX win. He rocks my casbah. I even tried to vote for him last night, but my cell was acting up, so I never got through. Here's hoping he makes it. Please o please!!!!

Bottom line is this: I went to bed sooooo excited for next Sunday's reveal of who wins. I guess no matter what the show is, if it makes you that entranced and excited for what's going to happen next, that's mighty fine programming.


p.s. Did I mention I am a musical theatre GEEKOID?
I played some roles in high school and can't shake the dream. tee hee.


BeachMama said...

Funny, I never thought of watching the show, I didn't realize it was actually auditioning people for the Broadway show, I just thought they were using Grease as the background for a dance competition. Might check it out.

Lefty said...

I think you need to check yourself into rehab RIGHT NOW!