Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pretty in Pink

This is no joke people. Another one of my friends had a baby today.

Congrats to Allie and her family on the birth of their second child today, a girl.


Isabella Grace
7 lbs. 10 oz.
19 inches

(She was thought to be 9ish lbs. whoops.)

Pic of Bella to follow. Until then, here is her big brother, Caleb.

A mere 3 hours and 36 minutes from the time they broke her water and started the pitocin. Incredible.


p.s. Allie was kind enough to watch Rt yesterday afternoon while I went to visit my friend Amy (see post below) in the hospital with her first baby. Allie knew she was having a baby today and still thought it was no problem to watch someone else's 2 year old for over 2 hours. She rocks.


BeachMama said...

Wow, that is true friendship. How is it that all your friends are having babies at the same time?

LVGurl said...

Congrats to all your friends and their new babies!

Those ultrasounds never seem to establish the correct weight.

Lefty said...

Speaking of pink and babies--my college roommate now has NINE, and they are all girls, somewhere between the ages of 1 and about 14.

For some reason, he and his wife look REALLY tired all the time.

little miss mel said...

BMama- And guess what? There is one more friend having her baby in the next week. All 4 of them live here. Time to make lots of casseroles!

LV-Ya, they were way off. Luckily in the right direction!

Lefty- 9 girls??? good grief, what are the odds?

Jane is Dating said...

cute little boy! congrats to your friends...i wish i had another 5 years ago. :)

Lefty said...

One in 262,144. (That is if I remembered by statistics correctly, and I'm not sure I got it quite right. Seems like the odds should be higher.)