Tuesday, April 24, 2007

two and change

So, the big day has come and gone, but the pictures of Rt's bday will always remind me of such a sweet little boy who really enjoyed spending the day with his friends and family and, oh ya, he liked that there were "pancakes" and presents too.

Besides one of Rt's friends busting open his chin while falling off Rt's rocket ship, all the kids really enjoyed playing outside with the sandbox, picnic and train tables.

Once again, hubs put together a video of Rt's 2nd year in the making. It was a major hit with the guests and mostly Rt himself. It is still being requested today. Hopefully I can upload it to YouTube soon and share it will all of you. :)



BeachMama said...

It sure looks like he is enjoying his cupcakes :). Get ready for moving into the 3's. It is the magical number (I think) they really start to 'get things' and it really is lots of fun.

cocodrie said...

Mmmmmm, cupcakes. He looks so HAPPY! I love to see that.

180/360 said...

Ahhh... he's a cutie.

gorillabuns said...

time never sped by so fast until i had children.

i wish it would slow down, LIKE NOW!

he's precious!

LVGurl said...

Great pictures! Ryan looks very sweet.

Lefty said...

Why did you give him a guacamole muffin for his birthday?