Monday, April 23, 2007

Green for pennies

Want to get rid of all that lame O extra crappy junk mail you get everyday of your life? All it takes is a measly 10 cents a day, for a total of only $36 a year, to be removed from junk mail mailing lists AND a tree will be planted once a month for an entire year just because you clicked an itty bitty button in your spare 5 minutes.

I watched my dvr'd episode of Oprah yesterday and got way inspired. It's hard deciding what action to take to keep this planet from bursting into a big flame ball.

I thought this was the easiest FIRST step to take.

I hope you do too.


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180/360 said...

This was a good show. Only I looked up the Shaklee corporation that was on there, to check out their environmentally friendly cleaning products and it appears they are an AMWAY type business. Not my thing.