Monday, May 21, 2007

born to be a groupie

hubs wrote and recorded this song during his "vacation".
Check it.

ryan's game

ryan's got his cars, yeah
so nice and neat in a row, yeah
lined up this way is what we call the game....

his favorite one's a charger, an orange 70's charger
with a hemi engine it's super fast insane.

from the ottoman to the tv stand,
he won't stop till it's perfect man,
don't mess it up or get in his way,
this is what we call ryan's game.

cause it's superfast insane, superfast insane,
superfast like an aeroplane,
this is ryan's favorite game.

he brings his cars to his parents bed,
at 6am it's his parents dread,
just 30 minutes more sleep is all they crave

this is ryan's master plan, to get his parents out of bed, oh yeah,
come take a look at the car display,
this is what we've come to know as ryan's game.



Jane is Dating said...

that's cool! I wish I could write songs or poems- I totally suck at that. I'm almost done with your tag thing! :)

180/360 said...

Sounds good. I didn't know your husband was a musician! :)

LVGurl said...

That's not JT singing... is it?

little miss mel said...

yes, hubs is on the mike baby.

Lefty said...

I think EVERY kid must line up cars like that. I did when I was a boy, and my son did, too.

What a damn cool game!

cocodrie said...

I had nooooo idea that Jack could sport such a rockin', sexy voice! Also, "superfast insane"...very catchy. Lovvvvvvvve it.