Wednesday, May 23, 2007

na na na na hey ey ey goodbye


So, I did it. I bought my very own computer. It's a MAC Notebook. It's pretty. It's white. And it's MINE!

While it is just lovely to have a computer of my OWN for the first time in my life, I am having trouble navigating this lovely piece of machinery. How in the world have I lived as long as I have, majored in Electronic Media, AND worked for Yahoo! and not owned my very own computer?? I'll tell you why. It's because I had access to everyone else's.

Now, if you attended college back when I did in the early to mid-90's, having your own PC, let alone laptop was not required or even heard of. I think there were some computers up in the study lounge at the Theta house my senior year, but as I said, I was an Electronic Media major (Radio, TV, Film Production), so no paper writing for me. All projects, all day baby.

Working for Yahoo! came with access to a work computer. Laptop even! You mean I can take this home? You think our department is actual a Sales Group? (answering people's bitches and moans regarding our E-Commerce solution didn't come with a bonus people) And we can leave the building with this thingy? Cool beans.

I should have purchased a computer after college graduation. That would have taken quite a bit of fundage, which I had a limited supply of, so the big ticket items would have had to wait for a loooong time. Being a "floater" or lowest man on the totem pole in the advertising group of the city newspaper didn't supply much more than paying the rent. Once I moved out to CA and moved in with the future hubs, I just used his computer and then got the job at Yahoo! 7 days later......

Once the Yahoo! gig came and went (damn layoffs), I continued to use hubs computer when he wasn't working. Nothing better than sharing a computer. NOT!!! How can you do any web surfing, I mean job searching on limited time! Ughhh! Total lamo. Luckily, one day hubs got a computer upgrade through his work and let me use his older model. Awweeeeeeeee YEAAAAAAAAAH! (Imagine me churning butter.)

So, that is how me and Mac met. I believe you all now have a good idea of this momentous occasion of mine. Welcome o Mac o mine, o welcome to my humble abode.


Soooooooo, I am trying to spell check this fabulous piece of literature and the spell check button isn't doing anything? Why o why Mr. Mac are you making this switchover so painstaking? I need your ease, not your mutiny!!

I don't think reading the owner's manual is going to solve this one glitch. Guess I should read it none-the-less. Crap.


p.s. Solution to problem. Restarted PC and used Spell Check feature. Woah Nelly. Did I have me some typos. Poor BeachMama, she got to me before I made it to PC.


BeachMama said...

Ooooh I am a little jealous. Although I have my own computer and others in the house 'share' with me, I wish I had bought a Mac. Although they were just starting to get popular when I bought this one, my little sis got an ibook last year and it rocks. Now my older sis has one and I am jonesing for a new computer. When this one dies it will be replaced by a Mac that's for sure.

LVGurl said...

You'll figure it out! From what I hear, once you adjust to life with a Mac, you'll never want a PC again.

Angella said...

Keep us posted (ha!) on how the transition goes...I need a new laptop soon, and have been wondering if I should make the switch :)

Lefty said...

Though I use a Windows-based system because of The Man, Macs are so much better.

Fight the power, mel!

jora said...

Hi! I'm a Theta too!