Friday, June 29, 2007

Define "housewife"

Taking a thought off of LVGurl on this one.

Hubs and I were having a conversation the other day, about who knows what, and he referred to my job as a "housewife". (He wasn't trying to be demeaning, just calling it like he sees it.) I immediately had a problem with this verbiage and called him on it. He was quite dismayed at my reaction. What was the big deal? You are a housewife. Yes, yes, I get that, but the picture that comes to my mind when I think of a housewife, is some chippy from the 50's with her dress, heels and apron on holding a tray of cookies and a cocktail for the man of the house as he enters the front door. Just doesn't ring true in my home.

That, I believe, is the issue with that term. I am not a housewife, but I do run the house and everything that comes with it. I manage all the finances. I am primary caretaker of our child. I am in charge and perform most household duties. I shop or oversee all purchases for the home. I do all of this while my husband works full time and makes it possible for me to stay home with our son. So, technically, I AM a housewife. BUT why the hang up on the title?

Does the "Stay at Home Mom" title even cover it? Is there another term that would nip all of this in the bud, and give our job a millennium face lift? Do tell...



Angella said...

You have got me thinking...we definitely need a new title!


LVGurl said...

My whole issue is the LIMIT these titles put on us. As if, once we dedicate ourselves fulltime to kids and home, that's it. Like, "Hey, I made it! I don't "work" anymore! I can just sit on my buns and be taken care of." When that's so far from the reality. This work is never done.

Maybe the term 'housewife' is annoying, because it sounds like indentured servitude.

And with all that said... I can't think of a good title. Let me work on that.

180/360 said...

This reminded me of when I got married in Barbados and my marriage license said "Spinster." Now that is an ugly word! You'd envision a 53 year old hag getting coined with that terminology on her wedding day. :)

I like the term Domestic Goddess.

Sizzle said...

wonder woman seems fitting. i couldn't do it! stay at home moms/housewives/domestic goddesses/new term- amaze me. my hat is off to you.

Jane is Dating said...

somewhere i heard domestic relations coordinator, domestic engineer, but a swift kick in the butt to anyone who says 'youre just a mom!'

LVGurl said...

I vote for Domestic Engineer!!

gorillabuns said...

i personally like dooce's coined phrase, "SAHM, shit-ass-ho-motherfucker."

pretty much stops anyone from commenting any further on your working status.

little miss mel said...

LV- Totally, any title is "limiting", How can you get your point across in short conversations? "but, I..." DE is a good title too.

180- Spinster? YIKESSSS! Thanks on the DG title. works for me!

Sizzlw- You could totally do it. With class even!

Jane- Engineer is a close 2nd!

Gorillabuns- NICE!!! I see SAHM now with a big ass grin on my face. heh