Thursday, June 28, 2007

Project Nin com POOP

So, today's nap experience has been a joyful one. Little one fell asleep at 1:45pm, 45 minutes after being put down. Only "issue" is, he fell asleep with a big ol poop. Poor kid. He was too tired to care that he had a load in his pants. I can only imagine the odor that has percolated in his room. Yowza!

Today has been one of those glorious days you knew had potential, but wasn't going to bet anything on it due to the recent nap fiascos. I spent the morning at the doctor's office getting Rt's tubes checked. They are still looking fab and doing their job, so we are quite thrilled! After our quick doc visit, Rt and I headed to my book study. This summer, we are reading a book called Positive Discipline. It looks to be a great book and the class is a perfect summer treat. A chance to have adult conversation, learn something that is relative, and have a little break from Rt while he plays amongst his friends in the nursery. Saweeet!

Book study was followed by lunch, where I had P.F. Changs leftovers (way cool) and have been online and watching DVR'd programming ever since.

This evening will consist of a girls night out at the local Mexican cantina. I will be leaving in just over an hour, so I'm off to get something important done, (so it looks like I have slaved the day away. sigh. poor me.) and put on some chick clothes.

una mas cerveza por favor!


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Sizzle said...

sounds like a good day, minus the poop nap diaper.