Tuesday, June 19, 2007

in need of a good 'ol soap washin

"oh, dam mat."

"Did you just hear what he said?"

"Hear what?"

"He just said D-A-M-M-I-T."

"You know where he got that from."

"Um, ya. That'd be me."

note to self:

If situation calls for a swear word, say under breath cause this kid is on to you.



Jane is Dating said...

so cute...j thinks stupid is a bad bad word and once she said 'mom! i'm going to say a really really really REALLY bad word and i don't care becase i am just SO ANGRY I need to say it!!'. I said: 'say it but watch it'. So she said: "THE S WORD@!!!" (as in stupid) i forgot how much this made me laugh. Welcome!

LVGurl said...

I've said too many to date... hoping she doesn't choose to use them while at summer camp.

girlymomma said...

Too funny! Just the other day I had a similar conversation. C caught her finger in a door and said, "Mom...that freaking door hurt me!". Score one for mom! :)

Angella said...

hee hee. Graham has said "Crap!" and "Holy cow!"

Little ears are listening :)

180/360 said...

My daughter has been saying "damn it" too lately. Definitely got that from my husband.

The best one was when she spilled Cheerios on the floor, and with each one she had to pick up, she said an exasperated "Fuck" under her breath. Unfortunately, we were in tears laughing so we heard that quite a bit for awhile!