Monday, June 18, 2007


What is it about weekends lately? The ones that are completely busy seems o so satisfying and long, but the ones where you really don't do anything out of the ordinary fly by sooo fast that you wonder what the hell you actually did with all your free time.

What is it that I did all weekend? Watched golf. Of course all my dedication didn't pay off. My Tiger didn't win, but damnation, did you see him in his Sunday Red yesterday? He has got some nice guns, is all I am saying. Yowza!

Besides spending some quality time in front of the tube, I spent most of my weekend with Rt. Part of hubs Father's Day weekend was golfing an hour away with some of my mommy friend's hubbies. So, my Saturday, was just like my Tuesday, or my Thursday.
Come Sunday, hubs and I spent most of the day cleaning this pigsty we call our home. I swear, our pad can be spotless one moment, then destroyed by the car fetish wonder boy the next. I guess most of our cleaning was tidying up, but still, that can take time. (And this differs from any other day of my life? And joy, we get to do it on a Sunday! Lucky me.)

A major bonus over the weekend was I made a new dessert! Molten Chocolate Cakes With Sugar-Coated Raspberries. (You know, the chocolate cake that oooozes chocolate when you cut your first bite? This is it, just in cupcake form.) Hubs parents and brother's family came over for a Father's Day dinner. We were in charge of the meat while the rest of the group brought the side dishes. (Total score.) The dinner was a hit and the dessert was a smash. Well worth the effort, but boy, was I pooped after everyone left and the kiddo went to bed.

And now here we are on another Monday morning. No holidays, no nothing to distract us from a 5 day work week. Rats. Guess I should make my grocery store rounds and balance the checkbook. Ah, the perks of running the household.

Oh, and the toaster decided not to work this morning. WTF? Guess I can actually use my 20% off coupon at BB & B. Saweet.



LVGurl said...

You got to sit and watch TV? What is that activity again? I vaguely remember it from my past.

Angella said...

Ditto to lvgurl. And I have to give a big "I hear ya!" to every day being the same. We're both the weekends aren't different than the rest of the week :)

Sizzle said...

that dessert sounds DElicious. holy hell!

LVGurl said...

p.s. Tiger looks ripped! Those arms! The narrow narrow waist! Broad shoulders! Holy smokes.

cocodrie said...

I moved into my new place on the 1st and have yet to get TV.

Also, Tiger? Yum.

gorillabuns said...

honestly, i drank cocktails while the kids played outside for most of the weekend.

i know, the mother of the year goes to.....