Monday, June 25, 2007

a mind is a terrible thing to lose

My memory is at a loss. I know, it's all because I had a baby. I get that. BUT TWO YEARS AGO mind you!! I seem to be quite "with it" since all of that took place, but lately I have failed to recall the oddest of things. Things that back in the day I would shun to forget. Case in point:

#1 I went to Walmart the other day. I had so many things on my mind of what to buy because I hadn't been there in months. I was running low on "items ONLY to buy at Walmart". You know the kind, the good-for-you butter, the Hormel no preservatives deli meat, the YoBaby yogurt, the Amy's frozen meals, the raisins in the purple box that Rt always requests, ALL at total discount. The list goes on and on, but the whole reason I was headed there in the first place was to buy BROWN RICE. The BIG box that takes 7-9 minutes to make in the microwave. Having so many specific things to get at the store, I gave in and made myself a list. I so need lists in my life, but I hate the fact that I need one. Whatever. The very first thing on my list. BROWN RICE. What is the only thing I forgot at Walmart that day? yep, Brown FREAKIN Rice.

#2 I had thought about getting my dad a Father's Day card a definite week before Father's Day. Everyday I thought about it, but never got to the store. Then, on the Saturday before the big day, I jokingly asked hubs to get a card for me, from me. I was quite surprised to see hubs actually took the time to pick out a card, AND it was decent! My dad isn't the easiest card to buy, so I was very impressed with his mission. What happens next? NOTHING. My mind has gone awry and I have yet to mail the card that I didn't even have to buy!!!! I don't even know where it is at this point.

#3 Hubs was going on a local business trip overnight recently and I considered Rt and I tagging along. While talking to a friend who lived nearby, I mentioned the fact that we might be in town that week and if we could get together. I even said I would call her the next day to confirm our travel plans. That was over two weeks ago, and I just remembered yesterday that I never called her. Are you kidding me? I have turned into a lame ass and I don't even know it. I am a forgetful loooooser. Whaah.

So, if you ever feel the need to confide in me, tell me a little secret, get something off your chest, I am the gal for the job cause I will forget about it by the very next day. If that.



Jane is Dating said...

oh girl i hear ya- sometimes i wonder if i have fluff in my head instead of brain- it would definitely be tastier! right? if i think of a secret i need to tell you'll be the first one- and FYI- i changed my blog-

Angella said...

You and me both! I did a post eons ago about the fact that I had ONCE AGAIN bought a Costco-sized tub of PB, because I forgot that I had bought PB TWO TIMES BEFORE.

If I need to confess anything, I'll be sure to email you :)

180/360 said...

I'm feeling the same way. I think it would help if I could just sleep for a week straight! Where is my mind???

Sizzle said...

that same thing has happened to my sister since she had a baby. :)

BeachMama said...

Everyone told me that my memory would come back. Not a chance. It's been almost four years since J was born and although my long term memory is still there, the short term is done, done for good. Notes are everywhere in my house.

LVGurl said...

My brain hasn't worked right since November 2003.