Thursday, June 14, 2007

bring it on oakmont

Just got back from my whirlwind 24 hour concert extravaganza. It was a glorious time filled with $10 beers, sexy ass white tank tops that only Sting could pull off, and several gusts of pot-filled breezes that kept the night nice and cool. Hubs and I were definitely the youngest people in the entire stadium. What a trip.

I must go for now, though. Rt is down for a must needed nap. I bet he had oodles of fun with Gran Gran filled with little rest. I knew he was too exhausted for words when he had a major teary freak out when I turned off the car when we got home and his song stopped playing in the cd player. Good grief child! It's going to be o.k.!!

I don't know who it is I've become. I actually dvr'd the U.S Open from this morning and am thrilled to pieces to be watching the entire 1st day of play ALL AFTERNOON. I am a total geek.




Sizzle said...

"Good grief child! It's going to be o.k.!!"

ha ha.

enjoy your geeky afternoon. ;)

LVGurl said...

I reached my "Am I really THAT person now" moment the first time I ripped open a bag a goldfish at the grocery store to keep Makenna at bay.

cocodrie said...

GOLF?! Welcome to the senior citizen's home, chica.

BeachMama said...

LOL, you aren't a geek, you just have dvr. If I did, I would have been watching too!

Hope it was a good afternoon and that Rt caught up on some of his sleep.

Still jealous you got to see the Police.

rebcram said...

I love watching golf too! :)

Angella said...

My favourite phrase is "It's NOT THAT BAD!"

Or maybe it is, at least in their eyes :)

Hope you enjoyed your golf!