Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The power of a car

So, my mom is in town for a job interview. (cool, huh?) When MiMi comes to town, you know cars are in Rt's future. My nephew is close to 2 1/2 and can name where each one of his matchbox/hot wheels cars comes from. Target, Walmart, Target, Walmart etc... So, yesterday we went to my monthly trip to Walmart to buy everything I needed at the lowest price possible. (Hey, when you don't have any income, your job is to save money where you can. So, Walmart it is.) It was nice having my mom there as a decoy for Rt. He does really well in stores, but when you do any shopping right before lunch, you are asking for it. If you don't have a cracker on you, you are SCREWED! haha. Anywho, my mom was looking for a carrying case for all of Rt's cars. It seems my nephew has two of them and are very handy to hold all these tiny toys. Once Rt and I met up with her in the toy department, my mom handed me two 5 packs of cars and asked which ones Rt would want. I told her we probably were going to have to get both now that they have been viewed by the little mechanic. She said she thought that would be ok. I told her he just about doubled his car collection with one trip to the store with Mimi. No wonder he always says "Hi MiMi." then "car" everytime he sees her.

So, we head home for lunch with 10 unwrapped cars in the carseat. Lunch went well, he napped for about 1 hour 45 minutes, but woke halfway through. (Still waiting on those damn canines. Hurry up already, you are messing with his sleep!) Once the babe was awake, we headed to Nordstroms for "interview heels". One can only do their best with a new pair of shoes, right? Before we headed home, Mimi suggested we head by Toys r us to see if they carried this car case thingy. I told Rt as we entered that we were just there to look. Rt had two new cars in his hands, so I thought I was prepared for "just looking". Well, we stayed clear of the toy aisle, which I guess would be ever aisle there, but I mean the little bitty car aisle, the MECCA of toy aisle. Even standing in the middle of the store waiting for Mimi, Rt was getting a little impatient. Once Mimi found the case and brought it over to the shopping cart and even offered it to Rt to hold, he BURST into tears. A sad, LOUD breakdown of sorts. This has only happened once before in a store and it had to do with little bitty cars as well. Good grief boy! I tried to console him by asking him what was wrong etc, but nothing was working. So, I said we were leaving if he chose to behave that way in a store. (Luckily, we were ready to go anyway. I also know he probably didn't get the whole getting upset/must leave store bit, but I thought I would start at 21 months until he gets it.) Anyway, I blame all of this on his teeth. When in doubt, it's teeth. If his teeth hurt.... he doesn't sleep well, he doesn't eat well, which then leads to cranky, beside himself toddler.

By the way, I still don't see any toofies, but I don't think the power of the car can be so strong this early, or can it?



LVGurl said...

Actually, it's the power of almost being A TWO YEAR OLD!! Stronger wills, hunger strikes, occassional tantrums.

whoorl said...

Hi Mimi!! Have fun!