Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hot damn!

So, Rt and I went to Trader Joe's today after my book study. We picked up the usual and even some hot ticket items thanks to your recommendations! (Which pizza was it by the way? I think I got the wrong ones.) Also, I couldn't remember half of what you said, so next time I'll have to remember a list. Now, if I could only remember to make a list....

Anywho, I parked far enough away from the store, so I could escape the slew of shoppers easily once we finished our mission. We were hoping to blaze a trail since nap time wasn't too far away. After I loaded up the back of the SUV, I sat Rt in his car seat and proceeded to buckle him in from outside the car. I was leaning over the backseat with my ass fully exposed when I heard,

"Whooooooooah, Seeeeeexxxyyyyyyy."

Are you freakin kidding me? Some guy and his truck full of buddies gave ME, 33 yr old, mom of 1, ME a cat call? Hot damn!!!! Let's just put aside the fact the guy had a stash, was entirely too diiirty for my taste and I believe his posse's average age was 50 something. Still. Still people! When you live in suburbia, you don't get "the call" as often as you'd like (or hope for). I was starting to feel a little stale.

The major kicker was they most likely didn't see my KID in the backseat, just my ass........... and my designer jeans, baby.

Aweeee ya, still got it.


(please excuse my typos. my major was journalism.)


Jane is Dating said...

hey my minor was journalism- but until i started blogging the last time i wrote was in college. anyways way to go sexy mama! i do have a love/hate relationship with cat callers...and designer jeans? which ones? i'm trying to find good jeans that fit my 'spanish hips'

little miss mel said...

jane- ya, I seem to be full of typos past the spell check. It's so time consuming. ha.

I have citizen of humanity and AE jeans (angel style) The AE's have stretch which helps when you need some more room. Both fit me better than Seven's. Thanks for commenting!

BeachMama said...

I love it! Not that it was some chumps cat calling you, but that you got the call. It is always nice to know you still got it :).

Lefty said...

It's possible they were referring to your car, I guess. Do you have a sexy car?

little miss mel said...

um.....silver 4runner.

sleek and sexy maybe?

Normandy said...

People should read this.